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Thread: Ep 5 Recap- Oh My God , You're Almost 40?

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    I do agree that she does need to get a thicker skin, but I think we forget that these artists are still learning the business as there talents are unfolding in front of us. I don't see how any of these people can be prepared to know the ins and outs of how to deal with these harsh criticisms or to deal with fame. I think they seem to be doing the best that they can and I'm sure with every day and show they learn what to do and what not to do. With every famous person, they are going to have fans and they are going to have people that just don't like them. But all in all they have more talent than most of us......so honestly it doesn't matter what we say, they'll still be on tv next week and they'll still be doing there thing regardless if we think they're ho's or not.

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    I like your recaps too. I noticed something weird though. Are they showing different versions of this show in different regions? Because you saw the part where they talked about Harlemm's age at the end of the show after the final group performance, but when I watched it they addressed that immediately after his performance while he was standing in front of the judges so more in the middle of the show. I just thought that was weird. I'm in NY.

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    At the taping, they announced Harlemm's age right after his performance. I dunno, I really like Harlemm, I don't really mind he's older.

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    I like him too. And considering I'm 36, I had to laugh when he said something like "This is for the older people".

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    I'm a little bit thrilled that Harlemm's older because they made such a big deal about their being no age limit and then all the people selected were under 28 or so. Seemed rather disingenuous.

    I'm not sure how Shannon could do Tina Turner's dance for "Proud Mary" and not think it was about sex.

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    Harlemm Lee

    I think it's most impressive that he came out with his real age. What matters is his talent and he is awesome~

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    I wish he hadn't lied about his age in the first place, although I can understand why he would considering how many younger people made it to the final stages.

    I think his talent is such that you don't give his age a second thought.
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    First of all I love that Harlemm is 36 - yeah he is older than me - you go boy!!! Second they announced it at the end of the show here in Denver?!? Strange.

    Now my thoughts. I really liked this show. It was much better than the group semi-final shows IMO. I don't have a favortie now - I have about 7 of them basically tied. I'll need more than just this performance for me to tell who I really like.

    Raymond - I laughed so hard at the red jacket? Did he take that from another contestant on another show??? I thought his singing was OK and dancing was lacking. I really like his personality but think he won't last long.

    Jamisen - Maybe not being able to hear really screwed her up - but this performance was not impressive. Her singing was off, she couldn't hit the high notes, and she got out of breath. Sweet girl, very pretty, won't last long.

    Moy - Very dissapointed in this performance. What can I say, it was weak and she missed notes. Loved the dress. Her looks and stage presence are mesmerizing.

    Brandon - Singing was OK, mostly on-key, pretty nice, not much dancing. Kinda a blah performance for me, neither good nor bad.

    Allyson - I think her dancing is awesome in the group numbers. She sang very nasal IMO. She does have a great voice. I just hated the nasal sound.

    Justin - Sorry I just don't think he has any talent. He got behind the music, out of breath, skipped words to catch up, lyrics were bad.

    Harlemm - Wow. Great job. Dancing was great, singing was terrific. He had a few weird airplane moves in there, but I don't care. Really enjoyed him.

    Lauren - Singing was good, she has a really good voice. She missed a few high notes. Bad idea talking about her boyfriend again.

    Gary - Didn't like his attitude at all. He can really dance and his singing is just OK.

    Shannon - Wow, energetic, powerful, and she can sing. I thought she did a great job. She definately danced the most during her solo - I'm surprised she could sing at all after all that exertion. Great job.

    Alex - Singing was great, dancing OK. His pants were terrible. I think he did a really good job, not great, but really good. Note - I do not think he is good looking at all?

    Serena - Yeah, great job. She can dance and sing. It was a fine performance.

    Fame group number was awesome. Everyone hit their solo - they all sounded amazing. Some sounded tons better than they did in their solo performance. Allyson stood out for me in the dancing. Also Shannon, Alex and Lauren had some good dancing.

    Staying Alive number - Oops - terrible. Singing was bad. Only Allyson and Harlemm stood out in dancing for me.


    1. Harlemm
    2. Shannon
    3. Serena
    4. Alex
    5. Allyson
    6. Lauren
    7. Gary
    8. Brandon
    9. Moy
    10. Raymond
    11. Jamisen
    12. Justin

    Who I want to go: Justin and Jamisen

    Who will go: Jamisen and I don't have a clue.
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    She does a performance worthy of the Holiday Inn, with zero passion.
    that's good!
    Eny, I don't know what I'd do without you. Well...I guess I'd have to suffer through these shows

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    Lauren Hildebrandt has some fancy backtracking to do, after telling the world she would dump her boyfriend over Fame. Yes Lauren, you have learned rule number one of reality TV. You are ON TV. Many other people WILL hear what you say. Doh.
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