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Thread: AI comparison

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    I, for one, really enjoyed AI2. I probably liked certain moments of AI1 even better. And so far, I'm more than pleasantly surprised with Fame. I think we need to remember that we've only had one finalist-type show. So if we really want to compare our impressions, we should compare what we've seen so far in Fame with AI's wildcard show + the one episode that Vanessa Olivarez sang.

    Given that, my opinion is that, as a group, I think the Fame squad is more talented, and definitely much more polished. In terms of standout performance at equivalent points in the competition, I think it's about equal, with an edge to AI2.

    Like fluff and some of the others, I think I also favor vocals over dancing, and now that they're moving further in that direction, I think we're starting to see that some of these kids are just as talented in that area. I was surprised at how much the simultaneous dancing really does compromise the vocals.

    btw, I was really disappointed with the hurried format of last night's show. You simply cannot cut out the judge comments. That's one of the primary obstacle they need to face each week. Even the AI producers were never that foolish. Moreover, how am I supposed to know what to think if they don't tell me? But seriously, they should have made it 90 minutes like AI often did, or tightened it up and shortened the group numbers. All that editing last night made it feel like a less emotional clip show. That said, there are a multitude of annoying aspects to AI that Fame has, so far, wisely avoided.

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    one little theroy: who thinks Alex is becoming the fame version of Clay?

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    Actually, I think Harlemm is the Fame version of Clay. Nerdy, not really attractive, but somehow charming with a beautiful voice!

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    makes sense

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    I was kind of dissapointed in the flow of the show too.
    Stuff left in that shouldn't have been. Cutting out the judges comments was a no- no.

    I'm still really thrilled at no results show. I think AI will think twice at having it if they do AI3.

    Since the performances are arranged to death anyway, they should simply do shorter versions of the songs for one.

    I do like the less in your face way they throw to commercial. The way it was done on AI was like there was a commercial every ten seconds . ( Go download the SNL version of AI and you will see what I mean)

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    Originally posted by fluff
    I don't think the best of the Fame singers can hold a candle to the likes of Ruben, Clay, Trenyce, Kim L and even some of Josh in some of his stronger performances.

    While the dancing is excellent, I have found the Fame singers pretty weak personally.
    (I can't believe I'm even agreeing about the Josh part, but ...)

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