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Thread: ***** Warning spoilers** June 18 th show discussion****

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    I still liked the show a lot. Things that struck me this week.

    Raymond wearing a red leather jacket!

    Allyson's really good dance moves, leaps, spins, lifts, in the group numbers.

    Shannon's energy and really good performance.

    Gary's ego getting a bit larger.

    Harlemm's awesome performance despite strange airplane moves.

    I think there are some talented kids here. I think several of them could have been on AI2. IMO several of them sing better than Carmen, plus they can dance.
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    Originally posted by annray
    Great Show! These are some talented people.


    I think Moy had a bad night and bring it back next week. She has that something special.

    All in all two thumbs up!
    I just found it funny that the five you liked were my top five as well (although in a different order)...

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    i only really liked harlemm, serena, and shannons performances... gary was pretty good too, he has a good vocal range and control

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    Harlem is different... Sometimes he did make a few noises that were too different but over all I thought the imitations added to his performance... he is definitely not cookie cutter...


    Harlem... he can sang! and dance as well as anyone there... this guy will be almost imp to beat

    Shannon- at first I thought she reminded me too much of Brittney... but I gotta give credit where credit is due... she is my favorite female contestant

    Brandon- young but he can sing... and dance too....

    I personally like Jamieson.... I hope she makes a better song choice for next week.

    Serena has to drop that I am talented attitude for the whole world to see at least until America puts her among the top of the group

    Gary--- ugg, his personality sucks the first time you critique him... he better learn to listen

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