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Thread: Ok I have to ask...

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    Ok I have to ask...

    And I know Im going to make someone mad, but here it goes.
    Exactly when did rappin qualify as singing? Im not a BIG fan of rappin, however, I can say Tupac was and always will be the BEST IMO. Now that we cleared up Im not hatin on rappin its Justin that I have problems with. Is there such a thing as Karoke(sp?) rappin? Exactly how much of the singing threat do you have to have? I mean geeze all you get out of the deal on the singing part is a single right? You get a whole yrs worth of dancing right? None of this makes sense to me. Someone plz explain because I surely did not see a triple threat in him. If by some chance he does better next week I will apologize but for now im hatin LoL.

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    I guess I should clarify "hatin" on the fact he is still in competition.

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    Yeah I agree with you. I don't think rapping should really count as singing unless you can do it really well, which he couldn't.

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    Justin did sing when they did the group performance and he was actually better at singing then that horrible rap he did.

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    What Justin did was not singing. I don't even think Carolyn sang. To me it was as if she spoke her song. And I was so looking forward to hearing her sing.

    Now as for Justin singing in the group number I have to wonder ... did he really? And if so, was he any good? Because, and this is just personal opinion again, I can't remember hearing him sing in the group number. Then, that got me wondering about something. Justin was moved from group 4 to group 3. Why? Well, after seeing group 4, I think he was moved out of that group because of the group number that they did. Each person had a small "singing" solo at the beginning of that number and I just do NOT believe that Justin can sing ... rap maybe ... but not sing. And perhaps he was moved from that group so as to not make him look bad.

    Maybe I need to watch his performances again. Who knows. I can only hope that he does get better (cause I didn't like his solo ... parts were entertaining though ... just thought he sounded bad) or he gets booted.

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    Some rappers (good rappers...is that an oxymoron?) anyway, good rappers really put a melodic spin on the rap. There is music involved, believe it or not

    I wasn't thrilled with Justin's rap, but I kind of like "Rap Light"....Wil Smith style
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    First of all I do not like rap much, but, like Cali said, there is some sort of melodic speaking involved when rapping really good. It can qualify as singing, but I am not sure Justin really got into that, he was more speaking, not really in tune (or beat, rhythm) with music like he should have been. He needs to practise and find some singing quality to his speaking voice, it needs to flow with the music, not next to the music.

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    I really like rap music, but I presonally felt the rappers represented by this competition were both horrible and gave rap a bad name. I'm expecting Justin to be eliminated ASAP...

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    Justin should not have made it this far.

    Something is not right with this picture becaue he cannot sing at all.

    Let's hope that tonight the real singers make it.

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