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Thread: NBC's "Fame" is a Fraud (Spoilers)

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    Maji, not that I really want this to continue, but the point Nino was trying to make before I banned him is that Johnny wants a black person to win and is stacking the deck.

    I guess that's reverse racism? I have no idea. I don't think the point he made has any validity whatsoever, and it's moot anyway, because the author will never see these responses as he's banned from our site (for something slightly unrelated).

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    You know what's funny? He doesn't even have the group 3 finalists right. Read the initial post.

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    How about I lock this puppy up so no-one thinks this is what the forum generally talks about. Just one wacko out of the blue...

    Who seems to be po'd he didn't get picked.

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