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Thread: 10/23 episode - *spoilers* (Final four challenge)

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    Re: 10/23 episode - *spoilers* (Final four challenge)

    I know Laura seens to be the favorite but the piece she created this week-I dont see what the big deal is -it lacked depth and dimension and the colors were muddy, not daring, imo. I could not make out any distinct lines, it seemed static and lifeless. They can call the wings old school all they want, but they seemed out of place. I just don't see how she won. I believe Nicole and Rob are consistently the best (and I dont believe in penalizing Nicole because she was asked back). I felt Rob, Nicole and Derek earned a place in the finals tonight.
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    Re: 10/23 episode - *spoilers* (Final four challenge)

    I finally watched this episode over the weekend. I loved seeing Silas Weir Mitchell make a guest appearance on the show! However, I thought it was odd that they had him visit Face Off instead of David Giuntoli who plays Nick, since they were having the designers pretend to be detectives.

    I agreed that Laura won that challenge with her beetle. I liked Nicole's werewolf but thought it looked too typical. You could arrange the hair in other ways or perhaps make the face more human-like and the body more wolf. There are lots of ways to do a werewolf. I didn't like Derek's at all. I thought the face looked too short and squat and it was dumb having the claw coming through the shoe. If he wanted to incorporate the claw, he should have had the model bare-footed, or taken the time to make a prothestic foot with a claw sticking out. His creature was still better than Roy's, though. I don't know what in heck Roy was thinking with having the snake's fangs come out of the cheeks and having her wear the red wig but he totally blew it. I didn't get biker chick from the get-up at all. He really killed his look with terrible styling choices. I think it would have been cool to have the model wear a tiny snakeskin skirt and maybe have her hair up like a cobra's hood. Kind of a Peggy Bundy hairstyle.

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