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Thread: Week 5 Photos: Two Heads Are Better Than One

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    Week 5 Photos: Two Heads Are Better Than One

    At Six Flags Magic Mountain, there is a giant redwood tree, and it is there that McKenzie meets the contestants with a very special guest: Bryan Singer. Not only has Singer directed several fantastical movies, such as X-Men and Superman Returns, but he's also helming the upcoming epic, Jack the Giant-Slayer. Now the redwood comes into context: the artists, in teams of two, will have to create their very own two- or three-headed giant. The competition is getting fiercer by the week, and the knowledge that Singer will be the guest judge on this week's challenge cranks the pressure up even more.

    Alam & Eric Z.

    Anthony & Autumn

    Eric F. & Kris

    WINNER: Eric F. won the spotlight challenge

    Meagan & Jenna

    LOSER: Jenna eliminated

    Wayne & House

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