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Thread: 9/24 Face Off 5: Vets vs. Newbies Episode 7

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    Re: 9/24 Face Off 5: Vets vs. Newbies Episode 7

    Quote Originally Posted by jadewarlock View Post
    Oh yeah... in fact as much as I give Frank a hard time for not caring in season one, at least he had makeup jobs that were prosthetics from his first appearance to his elimination. (They really weren't painted well, and IMHO he's really kicked himself in the backside and is seriously working hard to do well).

    She also got hit in the face with Godzilla's powderpuff of silver powder... only to then realize he helped out by adding a bit of Popeye's spinach to carry the makeup/costume to stage.

    He did say that in this case - but just the face. I think he may not have wanted to do all the stuff he did after the injury but given that the rest of the cast helped out he focused on the construction instead of makeup and voila... that makeup. While I do think Alana's makeup was hideous and should've been bottom three... she did at least have prosthetics on the face that were much better than Tate's hat.

    He got clever and it bit him in the nose.

    He had to keep it on once he realized his mistake because it stuck to the bald cap and he didn't have another one. It was a bad decision, which might've been rectified if he at least made a bit more of a boyish/pixie cut instead of threading bits through the ears. (Though of note - I have had a couple strands of hair go through my piercings before, and note they are regular ones, not the plugs. Still unfeasible in the makeup, but it's not unheard of to happen).

    His snake makeup was bad, but I STILL give the nods for the worst his season to Tommy with the zombie rabbit (which winner Nicole had been eliminated on before she got her second chance) and that one with the guy who flat out quit the show (thankfully - and honestly, for as much as I razz Frank for not trying - at least he DID try his first season in comparison).
    Based on the clips I saw from S1, the judges' commentary, AND commentary on this board and elsewhere on the Net, Frank was a complete and utter tool during his season. It seems he DID learn a valuable lesson from that, because he seems to be behaving MUCH better than he did, and you don't seem to hear a whole lot out of him, THIS season.

    The silver face? Yep, I do LOVE me some silver/white gold. Just not as a total facial MU! And Popeye's spinach? I knew she HAD to've been rocking SOME kind of extra supersonic fuel onboard, to've been able to even MOVE in that get-up, let ALONE make it to the stage at ALL!

    Oh, good GOD! So he DID say that! Bless his heart, he REALLY should've focused on prosthetics, rather than building "The Costume That Ate the Face Off Reveal Stage!" And, truth be told, Alana DID have it all over him in that she --- at least --- DID do a facial prosthetic.

    Shame ON him!

    Yep, ESPECIALLY after realizing the wig tanked, Roy MIGHT'VE been able to pull it out if he'd done some sort of cut on that thing. After all, as Ve always says: "You can always do SOMETHING! A good paint job can save a bad sculpt!" Maybe a "Hail Mary!" quick, creative haircut could've helped with that hideous wig Roy wound up with on his snake woman. Maybe by that time he was just too burned out and exhausted to even think about that?

    And it's interesting to learn that strands of hair CAN work their way through (regular) piercings. Makes me wonder why the judges --- ESPECIALLY Neville! --- gave Roy such hell for pulling that hair through the ears of his MU.

    Tommy's zombie rabbit? Ewwww. My stomach STILL rolls when I think about that! Bless his heart. And as bad as Frank apparently was during HIS season, personally, I DO nominate Joe (the quitter) as the Official Face Off Tool of All Time (at least up to THIS point, anyway!). Frank may've been an ass and a jerk, but at least he was man enough to hang around as long as he was able to and take his lumps like a man as he went out the door.

    God above KNOWS, he deserved EVERY lump he got, apparently!
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