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Thread: 8/20 Face Off 5: Vets vs. Newbies Episode 2

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    Re: 8/20 Face Off 5: Vets vs. Newbies Episode 2

    Yep, that Frankenstein/the monster thing bugged me too. I think MANY people don't know that Frankenstein is not the monster, but the doctor. In the book, he doesn't have bolts in his head either. That's a total Hollywood invention.
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    Re: 8/20 Face Off 5: Vets vs. Newbies Episode 2

    So far I agree with the eliminations. The newcomers are not very good. And I knew specifically who will be going early based on the makeup they did on the first episode with the Cosplay models of the Spotlight challenge. The two women in the bottom with Eric were one of them I picked to be going home early. They (and a few others) are totally out of their league.

    I don't know why these guys are running out of time when they have 3 working only on two creations. I would understand if they are working on 3 where each one has to do their own. I don't like it when they do this because almost always, one of the three's work will be overshadowed by the other two and in this episode's case the booted contestant was not able to do much. Otherwise, if she at least did the makeup for the bride the other lady would have gone home because she did a terrible paint job.
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