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Thread: Face Off 6 Episode 13 *Spoilers*

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    Re: Face Off 6 Episode 13 *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by ness View Post

    jade . . .

    When I asked: "Did that happen in S1, do you remember? The season I missed?"

    I was speaking to whether or not the judges allowing an artist to change his/her makeup on the Reveal Stage had happened in S1.

    Perhaps, if I'd been clearer in how I wrote that, you'd've KNOWN what/WHICH makeup my question was referring to!

    Sorry 'bout that!!!
    Not a problem, but I would say it wasn't season one, but if it was I'd say it'd been the beauty paint instead of true makeup Megan did for her disguise makeup. She was flat out eliminated no questions asked essentially (though yes, she was judged) for that horrible failure. She had ZERO prosthetics, because the pregnant belly wasn't even one I think.

    Yeah, she wanted to change it and the judges even said as much that she should've attempted to have SOMETHING that was a true prosthetic on her face to change it.

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    Re: Face Off 6 Episode 13 *Spoilers*

    Ness, I'm in complete agreement with you regarding never proofreading your own work if at all possible. We know what we meant to write and so we see what we expect to see. It almost impossible to catch all of your own errors.
    Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
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    Re: Face Off 6 Episode 13 *Spoilers*

    True about proofing your on work. Same goes in design and artwork, I can look at past work and find changes that need to be made.

    I thought Raashad's vampire's had a Lord of the Rings oriental warlord elf that was bitten by a Vamp look. I'm in the minority but I liked the straight hair. It gave the Vamp a regal look and putting the hair behind the ears added to the image. The eyes added to his ethereal presence. This was my favorite character of the season. Rashaad deserved the win. I do hope, as was mention upthread, Werewolves are going to be part two of the challenge.

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    Re: Face Off 6 Episode 13 *Spoilers*

    Thanks for responding, jade!

    Like I've referred to, I missed S1, but sounds like Megan SHOULD'VE well and truly been shown the door. I mean, come ON:

    No makeup on your presentation on a makeup-driven show that you're TRYING to win 100K on?


    There's NO excuse for that!


    That sounds a lot to me like Michael from S4. HE was the one, IIRC, who did the "Plagues" makeup that WASN'T a makeup because his actor had on a MASK, instead of any type of prosthesis.

    Frankly, IIRC, it wasn't even a GOOD mask. I've seen better than that in the local Party City in the discount section, to put it bluntly.

    Yep, they took him apart for that, and yep, he was IMMEDIATELY shown the door.

    As he SHOULD'VE been, I think!

    Flo and inthegarden, thanks for verifying that you DON'T proof your own work, and WHY! LOL! Even if it ISN'T typing-driven! I think it's interesting that someone outside of you can see what's going on with you/your stuff better than YOU can, though.

    Even though that old saying: "You can't see the forest for the trees." DOES make all KINDS of sense!

    Which is WHY, I've gotta wonder, nobody tried to pull Cat's coat about her wizard? Or Niko's, about that RIDICULOUS tongue on that TOTALLY fugly, butt-ugly vampire of his?

    Oh, well . . .

    In Cat's case, she'd come across as such as ballbuster (at least, to ME she did, anyway!) that nobody wanted to even TRY go there, I suspect. I mean, SOMEBODY in that lab HAD to've seen and known what a trainwreck that thing was from the chin up to the hairline.

    In Niko's case, maybe the others were SO concentrated on movin' and shakin' THEIR stuff (because it was down to F4) that they might not've seen or felt it if the lab'd blown up? I mean, after all, on the robot challenge, Rashaad DID step in to warn Niko about those joints he was going to put around his neck as a noose.

    And no, he DIDN'T have to do that.

    Here's to STILL hoping that Niko doesn't make it to F3 or farther. Much as I've grown to like him and appreciate his work, when he hits it right!
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