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Thread: 11/5 Face Off 5: Season Finale

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    Re: 11/5 Face Off 5: Season Finale

    I was unable to see the episode so I have to base it on photos. I will say all three were overall excellent but yes, Laura was the CLEAR winner with not only two strong designs but an overall excellent portfolio this season.


    1. Laura's - absolutely stunning. I don't know what her theme was specifically, but her Swan and Sorcerer looked like they were jeweled and lovely both up close and afar. She chose well for her partner.

    2. Roy... I love Roy's work, I really do, but SERIOUSLY not only did he not understand Ming Dynasty right for the Swan, you don't make a ballerina bear chested. The sculpt and design were indeed nice, but the hands as mentioned were bad and I would not want to be the ballerina that evening dancing the whole night with just some latex over my (relatively ample for one) chest. I think he could've done some sort of look similar to a Ming vase or something on her (they do have feathery designs that you could etch out) or some sort of jade. I think he was runner-up though because his sorcerer was better than either of Tate's work.

    3. Tate... that's not steampunk. I don't know where the Judges got it from. I think his swan was better than the sorcerer though.

    Not a bad season, and it's nice to have a finale where they can't really go horror in the designs. Many of the finales have not given them much of a chance to go that route (well save maybe Tate's season, and even then not super gory).

    But again - this is a show that people should look at as to how to behave and present yourself to the public. None of these three should be hurting for work anymore, and most of the rest of the cast have shown they can produce good work. I think Laney will have the most difficult time given she quit and WHY she quit.

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    Re: 11/5 Face Off 5: Season Finale

    Quote Originally Posted by Arielflies View Post
    "Swan Lake" never looked so interesting. This should be a terrific finale.
    It should be and it was a great finale. However, I adore a well danced "Swan Lake." It takes my breath away.
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    Re: 11/5 Face Off 5: Season Finale

    I am happy Laura won.

    All three of the finalists were great and I liked all of them. I love Roy.

    Laura's win kind of reminds me of a PR Mondo win.

    Both having lost in their first season to someone that shouldn't have won,

    And then coming back and claiming their deserved win. Its' good justice.
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    Re: 11/5 Face Off 5: Season Finale

    Yee haw for Laura. She was so consistently good week after week & nothing ever sems to rattle her for very long
    I hope to see her work in the movies.

    I thought Roy was the weakest of the 3 but they all deserved to be in the finale
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    Re: 11/5 Face Off 5: Season Finale

    Both Roy and Tate seemed flummoxed by the strict limitations required by this last challenge. Roy couldn't do much fabrication (for him!) and Tate had to steer well away from his usual dark wheelhouse.

    That being said, I really think Laura's pair were lovely and were stylistically in sync with each other. Roy's swan was ... unfortunate. My eye went immediately to her abdomen and with respect to Neville, I disagree, it was not sexy. It was almost unfinished looking. And those big flappy hands. Not ballet, not graceful.

    Tate nailed his swan. Really it was the best, most elegant one. But holy hannah, that sorcerer was ludricrous. Back to his usual dark/muddy palette. Not a fan of that look.

    So Congrats to Laura!! Looks like next season is starting in January!
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    Re: 11/5 Face Off 5: Season Finale

    The correct make-up artist won! Laura definitely had the most cohesive design with her characters. She is the most consistent of the 3. Tate's swan is the best design of the 3 but his sorcerer was the worst. Roy's swan is last and his sorcerer is 2nd to Laura. If we are giving points, 1st - 3pts; 2nd - 2 pts; 3rd -1 pt....then

    Laura = 5 pts
    Swan - 2nd
    Sorcerer - 1st

    Tate = 4 pts
    Swan - 1st
    Sorcerer - 3rd

    Roy = 3 pts
    Swan - 3rd
    Sorcerer - 2nd

    This was not the closest ever in history of Face/Off as they claimed it to be. Laura was the obvious winner
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    Re: 11/5 Face Off 5: Season Finale

    I was actually surprised they loved the swan hand puppet so much. I thought it was ok when the model was holding still, but looked kind of..well like a hand puppet and didn't work well when she was dancing. I liked the rest of his swan, but his sorcerer was bad. Roy and Laura did a great job. Kudos to Laura for the win. She did a lot of really beautiful mu's this season.

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    Re: 11/5 Face Off 5: Season Finale

    Yep, I'm happy Laura won!

    Across-the-board houghts . . .


    Out of the three, I feel Laura was --- and IS --- the all-around consistently best MU artist.

    And that's ONE of the reasons why I feel she took it all.

    I wasn't feeling her helmeted swan. I BELIEVE I understood what she was GOING for, but I felt her swan could've been more birdy (?) headwise, at least. Also, I get that she was trying to present Italian Renaissance through her MUs, but I wasn't feeling THAT, either. Also, JMHO, to me, her sorcerer looked SO much differently/darkly-colored than her swan, I found it to be a bit jarring.

    She's a helluva MU artist and DESERVED that win, though!


    LOVED his sorcerer. The design, the colors, you name it. LOVED it!

    However, even though I understood what he was GOING for, with his swan, and the alchemy/gold connection between his swan and sorcerer, in a sense, to me, his bird just kind of flew into a plate glass window, here. The vaguely 60s-flip head feathers. The not-so-pretty swan face (I agree with whichever judge it was that pointed THAT out!). The need for there to have been more feathers on top of his swan (Ve pointed THAT out, BTW, and I wholeheartedly agree!). The odd --- UGLY, frankly! --- swannish hands/gloves.

    Say WHAT?

    Roy DID freeze up when he had to figure out how to represent a transforming person-to-swan MU and do it with a Ming Dynasty stank on it. IIRC, he much as admitted that, HIMSELF.

    Well, he was right.


    Basically, to me, he's the flip side of Roy.

    I DID like his swan the best. I agree with Ducky, though, that the swan-arm worked best when the dancer was standing still, with her arm posed in swan-mode. All things considered, though, for me, Tate DID do the best swan, out of the three.


    Not so much.

    Frankly, I didn't care for Tate's same-old, same-old muddy color palette on that MU, at ALL. Also, his sorcerer kind of reminded me of some old Skid Row drunk who'd woken up in the gutter just in time to roll over and puke his guts out.

    Pretty as his swan was, overall, to me, the fact that she DIDN'T really gibe with his sorcerer was a damned shame. I KNOW he was trying to get that sorcerer MU to CLEARLY read Industrial Revolution, but that just did NOT happen.

    Maybe if he'd watched the 2012 Olympics he'd've gotten a few solid ideas from that?


    Also, when "Industrial Revolution" was mentioned as one of the MU themes, call me crazy, but the FIRST thought that popped into MY head was:


    Just sayin'.

    In any event . . .

    Out of the three, my opinion is that Laura's MUs CLEARLY were both COMPLETELY well-done, and an obvious pairing. And, yep, I think THAT was a big factor that played into her win, too.

    Much as I love Roy --- and now, TATE, too! --- they made the SAME major F3 mistake Kris did in S4 in that there wasn't a "hit-you-over-the-head" obvious pairing between their final two MUs.

    They pulled a K(ris) and shot themselves in the foot.

    Still and all, it was a GREAT season, and an even GREATER finale!

    Any ONE of the three could've won, and I'd've been happy as a hog in mud.


    (And yep, I STILL think the three of 'em should start their own company together!)
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