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Thread: Week 5 Photos: Supermobile

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    Week 5 Photos: Supermobile

    Derek and Sarah

    Jason (ELIMINATED) and Rod

    Tommy and Laura

    Roy and Alana (WINNER)

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    Re: Week 5 Photos: Supermobile

    I don't get the girl with the eyepatch. What's her story? It doesn't seem like a 3 day makeup job. Someone could have done that for less than an hour. A monocle that has some kind of superpower to make her see really far would have helped instead of that crap in her eye.

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    Re: Week 5 Photos: Supermobile

    I can give a pretty good interpretation of what I see (going top to bottom)

    1. This design reminds me of him a cross between Lurch of the Addams Family and Voltaire - a henchman for a bad guy in "The Wild Wild West." Her - I read for some stupid reason Eva Peron or the woman who screams "Alarm" when see sees Indiana Jones and his dad in the third movie. Not really a flattering pairing actually - I read supervillian here and not in a good way.

    2. A twisted version of "The Green Hornet" where Kato isn't the debonair sidekick who kicks tail and then the Hornet isn't wry and and smart. The makeup is fugly no matter what and YES the black gentleman sidekick really should've been topless if that was going to work. This makeup just didn't flatter the car they were using - a better hero/sidekick pairing with the 1940s car probably would've maybe leaned more with a female hero and male sidekick. I wish I could've give a more specific idea but I had to go to a fair all day today and my mind is fried on the idea side (critique and first impressions no).

    3. Laura's looks great and different so no critique there. Tommy did a bad job on the burn makeup. So basically SHE is going "Yeah, I'm so cool that even this guy gets burned by my looks - literally" - which BTW is NOT the story that they're trying to get across.

    4. They are thinking "We're so hot and yet we're so cool." (and honestly - I think the models may have thought that in real life given the makeups the other models wore save for Laura's). I wish they hadn't said that she was a realtive of the devil or something BECAUSE you can have fire and chaos in a slightly good way. In a way - this is more of a slapstick duo superhero duo I think because you can see them be mischievious and do good, but the mischevious actually is against the bad guys.

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