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Thread: Week 2 Photos: Pirate Booty

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    Week 2 Photos: Pirate Booty

    Here are this week's designs!

    Rod - Sea Horse

    Derek - Netting

    Tommy - Kelp

    Nicole - Ship in a Bottle

    Alana - Crabs


    Roy - Daggers

    Laura - Shells

    Sarah - Sea Urchin - WINNER


    Eric - Spyglass

    Jason - Jewels

    C.C. - Barnacles - ELIMINATED

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    Re: Week 2 Photos: Pirate Booty

    Thanks for posting the pictures! I can see a lot more detail here than I was able to pick up on my tv at home. For instance, I didn't realize with the seahorse pirate you can see his regular mouth plus the seahorse's "mouth". That's just plain weird. I already didn't care for the seahorse look because it seemed too predictable but now I really don't like it because of that.

    It's still hard to tell whose design was worse--CC or Jason's. Her's didn't look like barnacles at all and his had the pirate holding jewels instead of incorporating them into the pirate. They were both equally bad!

    My favorites were Derek's, Roy's, and Sarah's. Sarah had the whole package--great makeup, wardrobe, backstory, and use of inspiration piece--so I agree with her being the winner.
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    Re: Week 2 Photos: Pirate Booty

    I personally felt CC should've been saved over Jason because she at least attempted - even if poorly - to put barnacles into her design. He changed his in essence by putting the Octopus into the pirate and not the jewels.

    The challenge SPECIFICALLY said the make up was to incorporate the inspiration into the makeup. Jason's didn't, CC's did. That said, I guess they saw something in Jason's that the let this rule pass and judged more on execution, which CC's was worse.

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    Re: Week 2 Photos: Pirate Booty

    Thanks for the pics, Critical!

    I agree with jadewarlock. If you're talking specifics of the rules of the challenge, then Jason tanked. I think if CC hadn't let herself get so intimidated by the challenge (the way I saw it) and got cracking much earlier, she might not've wound up leaving. She probably would've thought things out a bit more, and maybe observed other makeups as they evolved and picked up hints of what it was that she needed to be doing. Example: having barnacles erupting out of the pirate's scalp, asymmetrically out of the face, neck, up and down the arms, and so on.

    And I also agree with pikachu about the best ones. Sarah's costume and makeup were fantastic. As were Roy's. Using the front and back of the pirate's torso as sheaths for her knives was absolute genius, and very well executed. Derek's was very well executed and got the point across well, too.

    After that fiasco last week with "The King of the Greasy Curl Mohawk", I AM glad that Tommy did well enough to survive this week. With Rod, Roy and Sarah (so far) on deck (at least), I don't think he's got a chance of winning, but at least he's got a fair shot now at going as far as he can go with this.
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