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Thread: Tommy Pietch - Contestant

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    Tommy Pietch - Contestant

    Age: 26
    Expertise: Sculpting, Foam Latex, Character Design
    Occupation: Special Effects Makeup
    Hometown: Columbus, OH
    Residence: Columbus, OH

    As the oldest of five children to a single mom, Tommy relied on his dreams to carry out his imagination and ambition to become a special effects artist. Having recently quit his full-time job as a chef, Tommy is now focusing all of his artistic efforts on becoming a full-time special makeup effects artist. He wants to prove to everyone, despite his circumstances, that he has what it takes to win Face Off. In 2010, Tommy won the best makeup FX at the Synerfest Film Festival for his work on a short film entitled A Survivor's Haiku. Having only worked in effects makeup for three years, Tommy hopes that his background in fine arts will give him an edge in this competition.

    Contestants | Face Off | Syfy

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    Re: Tommy Pietch - Contestant

    He may have talent, but he's going to have to learn to work in difficult situations QUICK! After his emotional outburst with the judges, he's got an uphill climb with them now. Since Joe essentially took over the first challenge, it will be interesting to see what he really can do.
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    Re: Tommy Pietch - Contestant

    When he said that he was going to defend himself, I thought he meant when the judges were talking to them. Not as soon as he stepped up with Joe and their model.

    (The judges have shown before that they really don't like it when contestants throw their partners under the bus, no matter how justified.)

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    Re: Tommy Pietch - Contestant

    Poor Tommy was in a lose-lose situation in the first episode. If he said nothing about Joe during the judging, he risked getting the blame for the failure of their work and being sent home. If he spoke up, he risked looking like he wasn't accepting responsibility and didn't play well with others. I hope he learned after this debacle that if you can't work constructively with your partner, divide up your work into two parts so you can both be solely responsible for your own part of the design. Then if you fail, it won't be because you didn't get your point of view across and didn't get a chance to showcase your talents. Tommy should have done the sculpting and hands how he wanted them and not gone to help Joe with his projects until he had his own work done to his satisfaction.
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