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Thread: Sergio Guererra

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    Sergio Guererra

    AGE: 31

    Area of Expertise: Horror / Sculpting / Prosthetics / Costumes / Life Casting

    OCCUPATION: Owner – Darkness FX


    Sergio Guererra was born in Mexico and grew up in San Antonio, Texas. At age five, he won a Halloween contest dressed as Frankenstein and from then on was hooked on the horror. He realized he loved to scare people and would create fake wounds and injuries on himself to freak out his mother and aunts. In high school, he was very involved in the school band playing the trombone and brass instruments, but everyone kept trying to get him to play football, instead. He refused and went on to college to major in music at Texas State. He continued honing his Halloween character skills and started Live The Darkness five years ago. He creates and sells masks, costumes and props and gives special FX workshops. Sergio is very tall, has a wild sense of humor with a loud personality to match. He says he can read people very well, and if someone is trying to sabotage him he has no problem playing dirty right back.
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