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Thread: Tom Devlin

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    Tom Devlin

    AGE: 29

    Area of Expertise: Latex / Trauma / Character / Horror / Fantasy

    OCCUPATION: Special FX Artist and Mask Maker

    HOMETOWN: East Stroudsburg, PA

    RESIDENCE: Alhambra, CA

    Tom Devlin grew up in a rural Pennsylvania town, where there was nothing more to do than watch horror movies. Tom’s dream was to make the monsters he grew up loving so much. And, like most other make up FX artists, Tom had three goals: Create monsters, work on films and own his own FX shop. At the age of 29, Tom had already achieved all three. Tom is a motivated artist and spends most hours of the day at work. His main focus at the moment is working on independent horror films. He enjoys the freedom the independent film world offers to try new things and explore different opportunities. Tom is his own boss and he is confident enough in his skills to keep it that way. He is also a self-professed slob. He says the word "cleanliness" doesn't exist in his vocabulary.
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