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Thread: Samantha Cobb

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    Samantha Cobb

    AGE: 32

    Area of Expertise: Prosthetics / Latex / Hair / Beautifying / Likeness / Silicone / Dental / Fantasy / Ethnicity / Old

    OCCUPATION: Sculptor at Chisel 3D, Makeup Artist

    RESIDENCE: Decatur, GA

    There is more to Samantha "Sam" Cobb than meets the eye. She was born in Wisconsin, but her father was in the military and she was raised in Singapore. If you name a world destination, Sam’s most likely been there, but recently, she’s chosen the quiet subtleties of Decatur, Georgia as her home, where she practices and teaches permaculture, creates her make up effects and even illustrates the chalkboards for the local Trader Joe's. Incidentally, this is where she met her husband. Sam is also a sculptor at Chisel 3D where she creates corporate art, museum displays and custom prosthetics for her clients. She attributes her sense of creativity to her mother, who is a hippie at heart.
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    Re: Samantha Cobb

    I just noticed here she has a nose ring, but you don't see it on the show. I wonder if she took out the stud?

    Out of the women contestants, I'm glad she came out on top. I've liked her work for the most part, even though sometimes I think she didn't think things out completely one some of her designs (the gender swap, the doll villain). That said, you can tell she's learned from her critiques and applied them in future designs (the pockets of air in the gender swap makeup, she learned to not apply mouth appliances as one piece so the material wouldn't pucker in a way that looked fake.

    I think my favorite makeup from her was the one this week where she turned herself into a male, followed by her body paint one (The boards to have "boots" was a nice touch) and then the alien and doll villain. Her zombie was an inspired idea being fat (though I felt the face make up was safe), and the beetle makeup was just safe. And, I have to admit her weakest work - the gender swap (The only time she has been in the bottom half) was a nice overall effect, but at points did look a little fake. But on the plus side as mentioned - it did help her learn what she did wrong and used that for her disguise to jump into the winner's circle.

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