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Thread: 10/1 Face Off 5: Vets vs. Newbies Episode 8

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    10/1 Face Off 5: Vets vs. Newbies Episode 8

    Cosmic Circus


    Dark, Sexy, Alien

    Oh, my.
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    Re: 10/1 Face Off 5: Vets vs. Newbies Episode 8

    I will say this much - the four designs were very VERY good for a final 8 challenge quite honestly. There really weren't any bad makeups, and the lowest scoring one wasn't horrid, but it wasn't what the challenge was about.

    Laney and Alana - I know Alana wasn't happy with Laney's attitude on the cowl, but Alana was saying she didn't want it to affect the makeup. Laney finally just gave up and let Alana deal with the consequences. Alana was eliminated, but she still overall has improved. This wasn't Laney's best work at all, but was glad to see she was safe. She was sobbing and felt sorry Alana was eliminated. I think that's a respect for Alana's work overall as well as a bit of remorse from the minor bickering they had.

    Roy and Laura - It wasn't bad but it was blue and they did make a bad choice with the bug. First glance to me it looked a bit like a variation of the Absorbaloff from "Doctor Who" - just an outline of the bug in the stomach after eating it. (The character in "DW" I'm mentioning absorbed people and their faces appeared in the belly).

    Far too much overthinking and I dare say it a bit of two alphas - as in strong designers and not attitudes - together causing a combustion. Fortunately for them Alana and Laney's was weaker.

    (Oh and the bug looked like an elephant beetle that mated with a scarab - it didn't look alien to me. If they HAD to have a symbiotic creature with the alien, it should've looked more alien).

    Frank and Tate - I will admit I was surprised it was a "safe" look and honestly... it was well made but it wasn't the best I've seen of either of them.

    Eddie and Miranda - I was amazed they each did half of the head sculpt and it was a BEAUTIFUL alien - the dark, sexy theme fit in quite well. I loved the shell like head - it was stunning. I do wish Eddie edged out the win - he had a massive turnaround, but I can see why Miranda got the win as she did a bit more work there.

    It was another one where there wasn't any real "horror" makeup and it was nice to see them perform in a circus.

    Oh and SyFy goofed - they showed the teaser for this week by mistake. Please ignore it when you see it - but your eyes are not being fooled (nor are we in a time warp).

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    Re: 10/1 Face Off 5: Vets vs. Newbies Episode 8

    Frankly, I didn't think any of the looks were sexy.

    I liked Miranda and Eddie's the most but wish they hadn't made their alien look so old. I think that detracted from her beauty and kept her from looking sexy. The wardrobe they chose didn't help, either.

    Who would have guessed that Roy and Laura coming together would produce such atrocious results?? I really thought they had this challenge in the bag since Laura has done some beautiful makeups in the past and Roy is good at thinking outside the box in challenge designs. Both of them failed miserably with the character they created.

    I really liked Tate at the beginning of this season but he has been off his game the past few challenges, and it's not just because of the injury to his hand. I hope he gets back on it because it would be a shame for him to be eliminated. I think he has the potential to win this season if he just learns to edit his design choices and not take on more than he can accomplish in their given time frame.

    I knew Laney and Alana would be a disaster in the making from the beginning. I think they're very much alike and each of them benefit from being partnered with someone who can give them direction and help them manage their time. Without someone to give them balance, they trip all over themselves. I thought it was very rude of Alana that she badgered Laney into getting rid of the cowl she made and ultimately it bit her in the butt. Perhaps if the cowl had stayed and they lost the challenge because of it, Laney would have gone home. Laney was nothing but supportive of Alana. I thought she was a great partner and will do well in the industry because of her professionalism. Alana could learn a thing or two from her about that.
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    Re: 10/1 Face Off 5: Vets vs. Newbies Episode 8

    I got to agree with pikachu, I wasn't a fan of any of the make ups this week.

    Roy and Laura: Well this was disappointing, I've been waiting since season three to see these two work together on a team and they just kind of fudged it up. I was surprised that they didn't have a more interesting paint job on the guy considering the amazing work Larua's done in the past, he was just one shade of blue with very little variation. And that bug on the guys stomach just looked goofy, it didn't look attached to him and that it could fall off at any second.

    Alana and Laney: Definitely the bottom look of the week hands down. The sculpture wasn't good and the paint job was just terrible. So many bright colors that were just thrown together on the model without any reasoning to them. I'm not surprised at all that they failed. Both of them seem to stick to one type of make up. Alana with her cone headed pale characters, and Laney with her cutesy characters (cute pop art girl, cute demon clown girl, cute plant girl, cute Frankenstein's bride girl). I hate that the judges aren't addressing this at all, especially since they harped so much on Rob from season three about doing the same look each week.

    Tate and Frank: I actually thought this one was the best of the night. I agree with the judges about the paint, and I like some of the little details and shapes they did in the sculpts. I think they're problem was that they didn't go big enough. It didn't seem very alien to me, and read more as human.

    Miranda and Eddie: That cowl was the only thing I liked about this make up, it was really cool looking, but I didn't really like anything else about this make up. The color choice was terrible. Like pikachu said, it made her look old. She didn't look sexy at all because of that face they put on her, but apparently Glenn has a thing for symmetrical faces so...whatever. That face also reminded me a lot of the Miranda's cubism make up from last week. That chest piece was also really bad. What the heck was with the giant star shaped nipples?

    And Syfy got their previews mixed up. I looked it up and next week each contestant has to do a make up based on one of the seven deadly sins, in the sneak peak they showed Frank working on a fat suit which means he got gluttony most likely. It's a cool idea, I'm interested to see what kind of make ups they come up with.
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    Re: 10/1 Face Off 5: Vets vs. Newbies Episode 8

    Welcome, dusk 10.

    I was about to post what you did about Roy & Laura: I was surprised at the flatness of that paint job. Laura has done such beautiful paint work -- just look at last week's -- that it was surprising to see the solid blue.

    And...here's my usual rant about team challenges...team challenges involving equal partners generally produce average results because of the compromising that's required.

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    Re: 10/1 Face Off 5: Vets vs. Newbies Episode 8

    I felt that Miranda's alien was the clear winner last night.

    Tate and Franks look reminded me of the alien that Sue did from Season 2 (I think it was season 2). She had the teenage alien look and I know they were not the same thing, but I recall some similiar aspects.

    I do not know what Roy was thinking with the bug on the alien. It stood out like a sore thumb. I didn't think the paint job on the alien was bad.

    Alana going home was not a surprise.

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    Re: 10/1 Face Off 5: Vets vs. Newbies Episode 8

    I was disappointed in all the teams this week. I didn't see dark or sexy only alien and I wasn't impressed with the alien part. IMO, they should have all been sent back to the studio to start over and this time follow the instructions.
    I think Roy gets too bogged down with details. His designs are good but too complicated to complete in the time they are given. I think that is what happened to his and Laura's design. Too complicated. Start simple and let the details evolve.
    Miranda is really doing well this season. Her sculptures have been very good.
    Everyone was so sad when Alana was eliminated.

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    Re: 10/1 Face Off 5: Vets vs. Newbies Episode 8

    The parasite was a cool idea but it should have been on the back or the back of the head/neck. If they are going to put it on front, it should wrap around the body like it's the alien's costume. The paint job it think was good but the judges think that the color was too pale.

    Alana and Laney, i knew one of them will be gone. If Alana believed they were the bottom look , nothing is gonna saved them whether the cowl was on or not. She should have just left it on. Laney did a lot of work on it so if ever the judges hated it, then it would have been Laney who had gone home. But the creation became all hers so naturally she went home. If she had thought of that earlier knowing that they will be in the bottom (after looking at the others...only competing with 3 other creations which means there's no way they are going to be safe), she would have saved herself from elimination. I think Laney will be sent home next, otherwise, the other newbie guy.

    The top 3 for me are Laura, Tate and Miranda (after winning 4 challenges) but Roy may be able to sneak in there.

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    Re: 10/1 Face Off 5: Vets vs. Newbies Episode 8

    I'm not a fan of the alien challenges on Face Off. There, I said it.

    That being said, this one was better then the horrible one in Season 2, but that's not saying much. I liked the actually acrobatic show we got.

    Miranda and Eddie's piece was the best and most of that was Miranda. I actually rewatched Season 2, when she was eliminated three episodes in, where the hell was this Miranda then? Anyway I loved her cowl, I thought it saved what could have been a disaster, and instead helped create something fantastic.

    Roy and Laura is the collaboration everyone has been waiting to see. It should have been the meeting of Smith and Wesson. Instead it was more like the meeting of Dumb and Dumber. Seriously, the two of them working together brought out the worst of both of them. We had Laura's indecisiveness and Roy's misplaced priorities. I thought their's might have been the worst one out there.

    Instead it went to Alana and Laney. I still think Laney is the most talented of the newbies and has a shot to make it to the end, but you can tell she didn't take point on this one. She let Alana do that, and I really question the wisdom of that decision. Alana I'll never know why you created that fish/frog and decided it was sexy. She should have let Laney use her cowl. It either would have helped the make up, or been the noose Laney hung herself with.

    Tate and Frank were okay.
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    Re: 10/1 Face Off 5: Vets vs. Newbies Episode 8

    Hit-and-run, off-the-top-of-the-head thoughts . . .

    Overall, NONE of the makeups read dark and sexy to me, so as far as I'm concerned, every last ONE of 'em missed those particular marks.

    Frank and Tate . . .


    Roy and Laura . . .

    IMHO, Laura needs to STOP allowing herself to lose focus when she works with someone whose work impresses her. She did it when she worked with Frank on the Mother Goose challenge, and she did it here with Roy, AGAIN. It's almost like she becomes stone blind to what's right in front of her face, and can't figure out WHY an idea and/or placement, etc., of her partner's may not be the BEST way to go, and just SAY it. I ABSOLUTELY agree with Glenn (?) when he said that if their alien was supposed to be an animal tamer, that freakin' bug would've worked better if it'd been riding the shoulder or neck of its tamer (IIRC). Personally, I wonder why Roy felt it needed a bug outrider/sidekick at ALL. I agree with those who've said they were expecting L and R to dominate this challenge, because of their more-than-proven powerhouse artistic skills. Didn't happen. I DID like the shape of the alien head that Roy came up with. I THINK theirs wound up being a dark, silvery-blue color because they were trying to fill the "darkness" instruction they were given. Well, they tried, but they didn't make it. Dark-COLORED doesn't necessarily mean DARKNESS, and neither ONE of 'em realized that, obviously. Much as I wanted this to be a "Merging of the Titans", so to speak, it fizzled.

    Miranda and Eddie . . .

    Won --- mostly for that cowl, I think --- and deserved it. I was totally ASTOUNDED that Miranda did the FRONT of that cowl, EDDIE (?!) did the BACK, and it looked like ONE artist did the whole thing. That sucker ROCKED. Miranda obviously did what she needed to do this week (and Eddie was on point, as well, so THAT helped!). But if she reverts to letting her insecurities take over, she's toast. Also, while I DO believe that lightning struck in a good way for Eddie this week, in his being paired with Miranda, I STILL don't believe he's got the goods to take it all the way, totally on his own still-underdeveloped talents.

    Alana and Laney . . .

    Trainwreck City. Frankly, I think Alana was a total $#!+ and bully towards Laney. And yep, Laney caved. And yep, caving wound up working to her advantage, because Alana was the one who had to hit the bricks. Personally, I read the way Alana was towards Laney as: "I've been here, done this, YOU haven't, so it NEEDS to be done MY way, or NO way, at ALL!" I also agree that Laney's the most talented of the newbies left, but I think that dusk10 is right, too, in that she's kind of mostly one-note with creating the cutesy characters. And hat may come back to bite HER, sooner, or later. Out of ALL the paint jobs, to me, theirs was the ugliest and made not a SCINTILLA of sense, at all. At LEAST, with Laura and Roy's and Miranda and Eddie's, you COULD possibly argue that they were trying to go for the "darkness" and/or "alien" angle in their paint jobs. But that paint job on Alana and Laney's just screamed "Blacklight Poster Special!" to me. NOT a good thing, on what was supposed to be a dark, sexy alien, I think. Well, even though her skills have improved a LOT, Alana has shown this go-round on FO that she STILL needs to marinate in the craft more, and see if she can find a class somewhere on "How to Make Rational, Common Sense Choices and NOT Freak When Something Goes Wrong Because You DIDN'T Use Common Sense and a Rational Thought Process in the First Place - 101". Oh, well, at least she wasn't racing for the Band-Aids every or every other ep, this go-round. She let somebody ELSE do the bleeding, for a change. Which is a GOOD thing. And yes, her skills as an artist HAVE improved.

    JMHO, of course.

    And no, this particular ep DEFINITELY did not make my All-Time, Top Ten FO list.

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