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Thread: Face Off Season 5 Pool

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    Re: Face Off Season 5 Pool

    Face off 5
    Final Results and Awards Ceremony

    The pool contestants arrive at a haunted mansion at the summons of Face Off host, McKenzie Westmore. Their invitations, sent last week by batmail, requested their presence at Face Off Manor for the finale ceremony and pool results. There’s to be a masked gala, a catered buffet, and entertainment provided by the show contestants and their models. TripleGemini arrives first in their Sulley mask, followed by jadewarlock in their green alien mask. Pikachu arrives shortly after in her xenomorph mask. Tbamom stumbles in with a zombie mask on, playing a living dead character. Xmaskat and Florimel arrive at about the same time, wearing their alien masks. Scoot13’s mask simultaneously creeps everyone out and attracts attention as people want to check it out but are almost afraid to get too close. Inthegarden has their Predator mask on when they arrive. Razorbacker looks smashing in their Edward Scissorhands mask. Ness comes a bit late to the party so they can make a grand entrance in their Bride of Frankenstein mask.

    The buffet includes lots of ghoulish delicacies, like deviled eggs decorated to look like bloody eyeballs, blackened bat wings (actually chicken), twice-baked potatoes carved to look like brains with the scalp opened, teriyaki werewolf in wolfsbane sauce (actually beef with purple scallions), roasted garlic on skewers labeled as Vampire Vanishing Sticks, and a choice of Transylvania Mud Pie and Bewitching Blueberry Cheesecake for dessert.

    The finalists introduce themselves and we see a slideshow of their works this season. Then, all the models assemble in-costume for a monster pillow fight! Their costumes aren’t in very good shape after the scuffle but the models make the rounds to meet the pool contestants afterward so they can get a closer look at the designs. The contestants also mill around to answer questions and meet the pool teams. Then, it’s time for the award ceremony to begin!

    McKenzie enters the room dressed up like a vampires and thanks everyone for participating in the pool and for attending the awards ceremony. She introduces Neville Page, who’ll be presenting the award for third place. Neville is dressed as Frankenstein’s monster.

    “Third place goes to Pale Ail. They win a 3 month subscription to Netflix, a box of Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn, and a pair of 3D glasses so they can enjoy watching horror movies at home. Come claim your prize, scoot13!”

    Ve Neill is up next. She’s dressed as a witch to present the award for second place.

    “Second place goes to The Magic Jammies. They win a DVD collection of classic horror films, four pairs of 3D glasses, and a year’s supply of monster cereal that they can enjoy eating while they watch their movies! Well done, jadewarlock.”

    Glenn Hetrick, dressed as a steampunk werewolf, gets the honor of presenting the first place award—the Golden Mask.

    “First place goes to Dutch’s Undercover Raiders. They picked the winning vet as one of their lead designers and the longest lasting rookie as their other lead designer, plus had both runner-up designers on their pool team so they well-deserved the win. Congratulations,inthegarden! You win a makeover by the designer of your choice and a commemorative avatar in honor of your accomplishment. Plus, I’d like to ask you to join me in leading off the last dance of the night.”

    The final award is the Wooden Mask, given to the team who finished dead last in the pool. McKenzie returns to present this award.

    “Just as there always must be a winner, there must be a loser. Sadly, sometimes in pools the dream team you picked out at the beginning of the season ends up being a nightmare. NightoftheLEEvingDead got the lowest score in the pool and gets the Wooden Mask Award. Better luck next time, tbamom!”

    Face Off returns in January 2014 and I’m sure we’ll have a pool for it so see you next season for more thrills and chills! The final scores and rankings are below.

    Episode Recap
    Episode 13: "Swan Song"
    Won the Foundation Challenge: There wasn't one
    Season Winner: Laura
    Runner-up: Roy, Tate

    Contestant Scores
    Laura: 35 points
    Roy: 20 points
    Tate: 20 points

    Weekly Scores:
    Alien Queen/pikachu: 75 points
    Dutch’s Undercover Raiders/inthegarden: 110 points
    Monsters R US/TripleGemini: 90 points
    Moya and the DRDs/Florimel: 75 points
    Ness’ Makeup Mavens/ness: 95 points
    Night of the LEEving Dead/tbamom: 90 points
    Outer Limits of Design: 75 points
    Pale Ail/scoot13: 95 points
    Shear Panic/razorbacker: 90 points
    The Magic Jammies/jadewarlock: 95 points

    Overall Scores and Rankings
    1. Dutch’s Undercover Raiders: 790 points
    2. The Magic Jammies: 740 points
    3. Pale Ail: 730 points
    4. Outer Limits of Design: 710 points
    5. Moya and the DRDs: 700 points
    6. Ness’ Makeup Mavens: 640 points
    7. Shear Panic: 635 points
    8. Alien Queen, Monsters R US: 625 points
    9. Night of the LEEving Dead: 545 points
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    Re: Face Off Season 5 Pool

    Laura WooHoo I won! I can't believe I won! WooHoo!

    Congratulations scoot13, jadewarlock everyone in between and tbamom!

    pikachu Thanks for another great pool

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    Re: Face Off Season 5 Pool

    Congrats inthegarden. I knew it was going to come down to if Roy or Laura won this year, as we chose separate lead artists, so it was nice to be close all the way to the end.

    I am happy though - this was my FIRST pool to participate in and I was runner-up. Not too bad... though I will say I wish Laney hadn't just up and quit.

    So, in that perspective, to tbamom, you may have won the wooden mask award, but you did not give up in the poll so we salute you for your courage to participate to the bitter end.

    The only other thing... to Ve... I love your makeup work, but seriously, "Killer Shrews" and "The Green Slime are coming?"
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    Re: Face Off Season 5 Pool

    I was torn between using Laney or Sam as my lead rookie designer. Ultimately, I ended up being right about Laney. She couldn't take the pressure of the competition and quit. However, she still lasted longer than Sam did so I wish I had chosen Laney. She impressed me in the first challenge by directing her team and I liked her design ideas.

    I love how helpful Tate was to the other designers. He had a good attitude and a great work ethic. I have no doubt he'll be successful in his field.

    Poor Roy. I like him when he's on his game but he tends to buckle under pressure. It wasn't good of him to let his team make so many decisions in the finale. This was supposed to be his final masterpiece! I'm sure he'll do great in his field, though, when he isn't under the time constraints and up against the competition as he is on Face Off.

    And of course Laura has been great every season she's been on. I wouldn't be surprised to see her back on Face Off, to be a guest judge or to mentor the contestants in the workroom.

    This sure was a fun pool to run! I love Face Off anyway. It's one reality show that hasn't disappointed me yet so having a pool to add interest to it really made this exciting. I can't wait for next season!
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    Re: Face Off Season 5 Pool

    pikachu, awesome work...thank you! This was fun :-)

    And congrats to the winners...I salute you with my makeup brush.

    See everyone in January for the next round!
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    Re: Face Off Season 5 Pool

    Congrats to everyone that finished above me & that was well just about everyone. Those of you that did worse than me...what the hell were you thinking?

    Looking forward to next season.

    Thanks pikachu well run
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    Re: Face Off Season 5 Pool

    This was an entertaining season and I agree that Laura was the right choice for the win.

    Congrats to inthegarden, jadewarlock, and scoot13. And, of course, many thanks and a hip hip hooray to pikachu.
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    Re: Face Off Season 5 Pool

    This show is great.

    I didn't participate this season, but thanks.

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    Re: Face Off Season 5 Pool

    Thanks, Pikachu. I am going through life with my wall of wooden masks (I have yet to win a game on my NFL pool)
    You work really hard on these and I do appreciate it.
    That was a great message! And I've had a terrible day, so thank you.I love random acts of kindness.Really, realy appreciated.Scott- RIP SDL<3

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    Re: Face Off Season 5 Pool

    pika . . .

    A HUGE shout-out and 'THANKS!" for your oh-so-excellent work!

    You are a MARVEL and TREASURE, and we appreciate and love you dearly!!!!!!!!!!
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