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Thread: 10/02 - Episode Discussion - "Monster Twist" - *spoilers*

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    Re: 10/02 - Episode Discussion - "Monster Twist" - *spoilers*

    loved the book...couldn't sit through the movie...but if Laura's monster had been in it - just maybe! LOL

    I think the judges are still hoping Sarah gets back to the level she had with her first creation with Laura (Star Wars) and her winning sea urchin. Since then, she seems to be in a fog and throwing random junk at us.
    I agree that this week's "cookie monster" was certainly a bottom look. That mess was far inferior to Derek's who I think ended up being in the bottom 3. No reason for him to be there at all.
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    Re: 10/02 - Episode Discussion - "Monster Twist" - *spoilers*

    My girl Laura is still cooking with gas. Go on with your bad self girl!
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    Re: 10/02 - Episode Discussion - "Monster Twist" - *spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by ness View Post
    LAURA - The iridescence and hard, solid appearance of the head sculpt vs. the furry body were a tiny bit disjointed, to me. But, she did a fantastic job, and deserved the win. I chuckled when I first saw it. What she came up with kind of reminded me of drawings out of Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are".
    This is where I only have a minor quibble - and it's not you, it's the show. I wish the designers themselves didn't have to make the costumes - it's not a seamstress competition it's makeup. Yes one can argue that designers need to know how to make costumes (and Roy admittedly did better on the body of his makeup than Laura did), but I just feel that if there are obviously clothes for the models to wear from a costume shop (Alana's) then they could allow some costume designs to be shipped out to quickly be sewn and returned.

    Otherwise, I don't think unless they're horribly sewn together that ruins the face makeup it should be a huge factor in the judging. Here thankfully it wasn't (though I might've done a plastic scale thing with eyes kinda like Roy's dragon body a couple of weeks ago with some eyes).

    ROY - I honestly liked his BETTER than Laura's. However, the lids on the eyes DIDN'T work properly, so second place for him was a good call. I believe that if the eyes had worked, he would've gotten the win. It intrigued me when Glenn said they knew he was an excellent fabricator, etc., but what else could he do? I SURE would like to see what else! If what he's been doing isn't enough, I can't begin to wrap my mind around the concept of what WOULD be. So I'll be waiting to see what happens, here.
    Funny thing is Roy is showing the whole package in both areas, so I think here Glenn isn't giving him a warning but encouraging him to go even further. You can see subtle improvements in his work weekly too (and no same heads - teeth could be a problem even if minor) and given his only true weak moment was the dragon team challenge... it just adds up to me as being a gentle push.

    I still maintain he should've done a sphere with a hinge eyelid between that ball and the eye to make it work better. The outer sphere would allow for the foam and reduce the potential for tension when the eye/eyes opened and closed.

    SARAH - HIDEOUS. Why is she still on the show? That WAS a great cookie, though. Gotta give it to her.
    I think her Mennonite upbringing actually being used as a pass. That said, one can do research prior to being on one of these shows when selected so I feel that it's going to be soon she's called out on this stuff.

    Either that or they really do think she has potential and want to give her a couple of more chances.

    ALANA - TALK about being born under a blessed star! I don't know about a better paint job possibly having been able to get her into the top looks. There were also issues with the human nose and the two sets of nose holes above that nose. Except that one of those sets were actually human eyes, and the set ABOVE them looked kind of like flat, plugged-up nose holes. But, it was still good, and she deserved to stay.
    Paint job not as much as nose hole positions. She really had to rely on the kid's description though more than the drawing itself - as I mentioned in the picture thread the kid just drew a few lines and a couple of eyes - a design NOT easily transferrable to a face makeup.

    Looks like Laura and Cowboy are going to be in a neck-and neck fight for the win, with Derek breathing down their necks.
    I agree - both try new things and both have had overall consistent good looks with maybe a couple of stumbles.

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    Re: 10/02 - Episode Discussion - "Monster Twist" - *spoilers*

    I have to disagree with the reason for Rod's elimination. I found it hypocritical. He was stuck with a kid whose drawing consisted primarily of a gigantic orb for a head and tentacles. It was ludicrous for one of the judges to state he needed to do something this week which was more `lithe` I also disagree that he could have successfully modified his clients vision-No. That bulbous head in the drawing was the kids vision. I have to say, as well, when they were matching up the kids with the contestants we said you know Rod is going to wind up wth a kid who has drawn a character with a giant head. It seemed fixed. But, lets just say I agree with the judges (actually I think its Glen who hates Rods work and misses the point of this weeks challenge) that Rod `failed`, there were three other contestants whose final work was terrible (at least Rods was well done). First, the girl who made the cookie monster thing with the baseball hat-I don't care that it had goo coming out of it, the end product was flat and ugly in a bad way, Then there was the awful paint job on the one eyed monster with the weird eye nostrils. Finally, the guy who glued on those awful bat wings. Yikes!
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