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Thread: 1/25 Episode 3 Season 2 Show Discussion

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    1/25 Episode 3 Season 2 Show Discussion

    I liked this year's "nude model" challenge much better than last year...I think the team aspect made it better.

    And I'm so glad Miranda went home. She'd already shown that she was trying hard but pretty weak, but tonight she didn't even try that hard. (And really? Go on "Face Off" and have never body painted anyone?)

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    Re: 1/25 Episode 2 Season 2 Show Discussion

    I liked it too because for the most part they were interesting, even if the bottom two were deserved because they were typical.

    Seriously though - what does it take to get Jerry off the show? Again, weak makeup, though admittedly he did just enough to pass through. The character was weak and she was lucky that they felt Miranda just didn't care. Well that and their two models interacted.

    I thought the one with the Chakra and the pool was done relatively well. I think the one person not blending in well made it safe instead of well. But they, the one with the elephant and the picnic one were the three that did NOT have the background model interacting with the character model, part of the challenge.

    Brea and Mike's design and the other one in the top two were my favorites though. Brea did an excellent job having to paint two models, and I think even Ve had to agree that doing two full body paints with only the shaky lettering as a critique. And I agree the butt being used as a basketball was priceless; however, and this may be taken the wrong way, but the ball was a tad too small proportionately. They should've made it a little larger and done the top curve up to the small of her back.

    Mike's though was the most deserving of the win because the shoes were really well done - good measurement, good painting and his model did the best at blending in and yet he had the most detailing. I do give huge kudos for Brea doing the 12 hour work time and having to deal with someone who is fainting. I am glad she caught it quickly so he didn't fall standing up. It looked like the paramedics were trying to help him when he collapsed. I do hope he feels better though - and am thankful it WASN'T what I feared that one of the contestants used a latex paint (which is naive to being with but can happen) and the model had an allergy to it.

    BTW - I loved the foundation challenge, and thought that the spacey beauty makeup looked nice actually. The one that Jerry's team did was safe... sorry it was safe. The one that one was good too, as was the Zombie even if they didn't know what it was.

    Another strong episode with overall good makeups. They're doing a good job for this challenge.

    (Of note, I love too that Mackenzie is the model for the makeups on the commercials. She can take quite a fit of character makeup on her face and look great in it - even if these are done over the course of hours compared to the contestants).

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    Re: 1/25 Episode 2 Season 2 Show Discussion

    At least Jerry and Tara recognized that their work wasn't the best. I mean, Tara saw the photograph and said that the makeup was too thin and that you could see skin. Miranda and even Ian seemed totally clueless about how bad theirs really was. They picked an "easy" background. They should have then knocked it out of the park. Instead, they did something so pedestrian that even someone off the street could have come up with it.

    I liked Beki and Rayne's work, even though I wouldn't have picked it as an album cover for that artist. I was glad Shea was able to rebound and get the work done. I understand why the judges chose Matt for the win, but I wish Brea had won, just for how much she had to deal with.

    Once again, Jerry does nothing to justify his episode 1 confidence in his own abilities.
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    Re: 1/25 Episode 2 Season 2 Show Discussion

    I LOVED this episode!! Everyone impressed me, even those in the bottom. I am tired of the monsters, aliens and zombies. Next week we are in for more. Seriously? Do we have to see more? They even made the wizzard of Oz into a horror movie. I would like to see more beautiful imagery. Humor woiuld be another direction, a new cartoon character perhaps.
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    Re: 1/25 Episode 2 Season 2 Show Discussion

    I enjoyed the timed team challenge. I thought Beki did a great job. Her team had no problem following her lead.

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    Re: 1/25 Episode 2 Season 2 Show Discussion

    I'm watching the original Star Gate movie and Patrick Tatopoulos is listed as special effects and creature design. Cool Beans.
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    Re: 1/25 Episode 2 Season 2 Show Discussion

    I was impressed by Matt and Brea, too. That was a spectacular job he did with those shoes, but I can't help being a little bit wistful that Brea couldn't've had a co-win --- or SOMETHING! --- for all that work she did.

    And I really DO wish Jerry could go, and SOON!
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