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Thread: 9/12 Face Off: Game Face Show Discussion

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    9/12 Face Off: Game Face Show Discussion

    Stone Cold Superheroes - The artists must create beautiful plant-human hybrids, superheroes inspired by Marvel's Infinity Stones, and Bogeymen based on their own childhood fears.

    Enjoy the show!
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    Re: 9/12 Face Off: Game Face Show Discussion

    I wish it was KC and Margarita in the final challenge (KC ruined her chances I think not going with the shine - her paint IMHO was better than the guy's), but I was glad Margarita won. That Boogeyman makeup was phenomenal: looks like it took more than two hours to make. Her infinity stone one too was ingenious and well done. I wasn't as fond of her first challenge look (I liked KC's) but it also was good.

    This is what Face/Off should be during its regular seasons.

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