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Thread: 2/23 show

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    Re: 2/23 show

    Quote Originally Posted by jadewarlock View Post
    Tom clearly had the worst makeup - there is NO joke about that. It looked fake (especially the UNEVEN THICKNESS eyebrows). I think he's the one who has a fellow colleague in this who he's worked with and they're trying to keep them together until at least toward the end of this competition. I think he won last week's spotlight and therefore that gave him an edge to stay (i.e. a bad decision or something so they're giving him a pass)
    Tom's groom was hideous. We just got caught up today with all the episodes and I think in the first one it was mentioned by Tom that he had worked with Gage on several projects and seems to think he taught him (Gage) a lot of what he knows or something to that effect.
    Gage does some good work but he is so flipping paranoid that the judges are gonna hate it. Nice way to self-destruct.
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    Re: 2/23 show

    Tom mentioned in the first episode that he and Gage had worked together and this would also be a competition between them.

    I thought Gage should have won both challenges.

    Personality wise - Connor gives me the creeps. A 40 year old man dominating a 25 year old woman is supposed to only happen on The Bachelor. But, he seems to try to dominate whoever he partners. I like Tom and hope both he and Sam can put in some good work next week. Regular Zombie makeup is pretty much standardized, I would think - so does anyone step out of the box?
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    Re: 2/23 show

    Jo and Megan have clearly been bitter enemies from Day 1, when they both walked in with similar hair styles and clothes and only a few years apart, and because Megan is, lets face it... pretty hot... the same guy they both gravitated towards probably paid a LOT more attention to her. Jo, who seems like the type to sneer at the world anyway, turned that on Megan, and the catfight began (and soon enough it clearly was coming from both sides if Megan's attitude when Jo was teamed up with Connor was any indication).

    I mean it seems reductive and icky and playing into the worst kinds of stereotypes to build this scenario, but it sure DOES look like it, right?

    There's really no taking sides on this one. Jo was clearly a real word-which-rhymes-with-witch, but Megan certainly doesn't deserve much admiration for using this show like its an episode of The Bachelor. Overall she seems harmless enough, and never stood a chance of winning anyway, so Jo should have just ignored her though.

    Tom's work looked like s#^t to me, by the way. I mean the MOMENT I saw it my gut reaction was that it looked like a bad Disney Animatronic, and I was shocked when that's exactly what the panel said. Megan could have stood there and admitted to doing nothing but make her partner Tea and cuddle with him every night and Tom STILL would have deserved to go home more (and yeah, even more than Jo too).

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    Re: 2/23 show

    Hey, anyone watching tomorrow? Work will keep me from watching it on TV, so I won't be able to do an analysis of this episode.

    I'm hoping that we don't lose our 2 better contestants this week (though IMHO we will lose at least one), but again I have this feeling that Megan will be safe one more week if I do have the analysis right in regard to the promo video for the show itself.

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