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Thread: 3/25 Face Off 6: Episode 11

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    3/25 Face Off 6: Episode 11

    It's an all boys group left for design, sculpt and paint for the honor of the championship.

    Tonight - they will face a mutant challenge in "Freaks of Nature".

    Don't forget the Henson Creature Shop hour that follows.
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    Re: 3/25 Face Off 6: Episode 11


    Oh boy.
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    Re: 3/25 Face Off 6: Episode 11

    Whew! I had a close call there. I thought for sure Daran was going home and he's my team captain in the Face Off pool. Thank goodness Graham's uninspired design sent him home instead.

    Tyler continues to impress. This season is his to lose, for sure.

    Rashaad still isn't back on his game, as far as I'm concerned. What does an octopus have to do with elasticity? It's quite a stretch--no pun intended.
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    Re: 3/25 Face Off 6: Episode 11

    I was not impressed with either of the bottom two, but at least with Graham's I knew what the creature was supposed to be. I had no idea what Daran was thinking.
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    Re: 3/25 Face Off 6: Episode 11


    Mr. Westmore TRIED to warn Daran that the judges would/might have a difficult time reading what he wanted to put out there. He TOLD him that if that gelatin was supposed to represent pieces of the white of a panoramic eye on his makeup, then he'd most likely might want to try to run/put some veins in there, so they might be able to pick up on what he was putting down.

    Far as I can recall/remember, he didn't DO that.


    After a SECOND look, seems like he DID try throwing SOMETHING pink/red into that white gelatin. So, my bad, there (although I DID look HARD to see and find the pink/red, to try to give him the benefit of the doubt). However, to me, the big problem is that even with his DOING that, those gelatinous areas STILL didn't come across/read like pieces of a broken-apart, panoramic eye.

    The judges didn't get it, and if I'd not heard his explanation earlier, I wouldn't've, EITHER.


    And with those LED light connections getting pulled out, that pretty much totally screwed the pooch, for him. But, OTOH, even if the lights HAD worked, I don't think that would've saved him from the B2.

    Seemed like his trying to resurrect/revisit that challenge where he merged foam and silicone did his behind in, this time.

    Personally, I agree with captain that at LEAST with Graham's, you could take a look and TELL what his was supposed to be/be doing.

    And yep, Daran's on my team, but I could really care less about that, anymore. I will be ticked if he manages to pull this off, somehow.


    Still don't think he'll win (and who knows; this thing seems SO up in the air and all over the place, that he just MIGHT!). But when he hits it RIGHT, he hits it GOOD!!!! I thought his was SO good!


    Yep, his fly rocked. ESPECIALLY that creepy, nasty-looking around-the-eye area.



    And, frankly, I think the silliest thing of all was that ridiculous helmet he put on that thing. He's better than that, but he SURE didn't show it, THIS week!



    That boy just CANNOT seem to catch a break and break out of being "SAFE".

    Better safe than sorry, though.

    And he's CLEARLY shown how talented he is, and how apparently easy he is to get along/work with. So I don't think he'll have a problem getting work in the industry after this. If he DOESN'T make it to F3/2 or win, that is.


    Oh, wow.
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    "In a world of pollution, profanity, adolescence, broccoli, zits, ozone depletion, racism, sexism, stupid guys and PMS, why the hell do people still tell me to have a nice day?" - Unknown

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    Re: 3/25 Face Off 6: Episode 11

    Graham...oh my. The first thing I thought of was that character from the end of The Incredibles (sorry, my & DH are big Pixar fans!). What was the name?? Underminer?? Something like that. It was a really dopey mole thing and that is EXACTLY what Graham produced. Sorry dude - you're a sweet guy but this was assinine.

    Darran is very, very lucky. Honestly I think his past successes are what saved him. Because this was atrocious. bad sculpt, bad paint, bad everything.

    Rashad & George - meh. nothing hideous, but nothing especially good either

    Nikko's was good, but Tyler really rocked his. A well-deserved win!! I think it is his to lose at this point.
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    Re: 3/25 Face Off 6: Episode 11

    Christ I hate Darran. I hate his aesthetic, I hate his concepts, I hate that he can't do realistic and I hate that most of his make ups are art pieces instead of make ups. Why did he not go home? Why why why?

    Graham's wasn't great but I could tell what it was. I looked at Darran and thought "bookaki monster?".

    Loved Tyler's thing, loved the hairs. I am pulling for Tyler to win.
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