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Thread: Team: Latin Persuasion

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    Team: Latin Persuasion

    Team Bio

    Dashia Imperiale, Age: 44
    From: New York, NY
    Occupation: Fitness Instructor

    Raven Garcia, Age 30
    From: Bronx, NY
    Occupation: Freelance Writer

    Mai Reyes, Age 38
    From: New York, NY
    Occupation: Manager

    Excitable, determined and full of spice, Dashia, Raven and Mai are three Latina ladies who know how to liven up any event. They come fully equipped with a "win at all costs" attitude. Friends and co-workers, these ladies are a competitive force to be reckoned with.

    Latin Persuasion Bio - Expedition Impossible - ABC.com
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    Re: Team: Latin Persuasion

    I'd really like to see at least one all female team do well, this is my pick so far, for no particular reason.
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    Re: Team: Latin Persuasion

    Not sure if this team was not prepared adequately for what they would face? It seems weird to me that the 3 women would choose to do this extreme type of challenge and not have worked on the group dynamic a lot more. I never like seeing women sink to silly stereotypes - wish they had done better.
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