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Thread: Team: Grandpa's Warriors

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    Team: Grandpa's Warriors

    Team Bio

    Dick Smith, Age: 69
    From: Normal, IL
    Occupation: Store Owner

    Steven Smith , Age 48
    From: Savoy, IL
    Occupation: Store Owner

    Samantha Smith-Gibbs, Age 23
    From: Thomasboro, IL
    Occupation: Store Manager

    This team represents three generations of Smiths—grandfather, son and granddaughter. Patriarch Richard "Dick" Smith started the outdoor specialty store, Wild Country, where his son and granddaughter are employed. Both father and son were U.S. Army Officers, served in the Special Forces and are Airborne and Ranger qualified. And Sam definitively has the same competitive spirit that makes this family great.tion of insanely good looks, killer smiles and innate athleticism. In other words, we think they're just fab!

    Grandpa's Warriors Bio - Expedition Impossible - ABC.com
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    Re: Team: Grandpa's Warriors

    I think this team might surprise everyone. I believe everyone will think Grandaddy is just too old, but he will keep up pretty easily.
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    Re: Team: Grandpa's Warriors

    Bye Grandpa's Warriors! Good try, sorry it didn't work out for you. And glad I didn't have to do that!

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    Re: Team: Grandpa's Warriors

    Sorry to see Grandpa go. Didn't really get a chance to get to know the other two.
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