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Thread: 03/27 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Empress NaBisco
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    I suspect that Joe was cut and Sarah was allowed to stay because the producers wanted the final four to be 2 men and 2 women.

    About Joe bowing out or not bowing out (from the preview)... I wonder if maybe Joe DIDN'T bow out, did his act on the block, and did a great job - a much better job than Sarah has done her two times on the block. Wayne needed to cut Joe, and he couldn't look biased cutting him after a good performance, so they made it look like he stepped aside.

    About Delisco... I'm another one who thinks he has a ton of talent and presence, and thinks the "final showdown" will be between him and Jennifer, with Jennifer having a slight advantage. I've thought this since episode 2 (well really episode 3, but it was the second show aired - you know what I mean!). In the very beginning I thought Paul would win, and we all know what a winner he turned out to be!

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    The Sexy Diva
    Hey Everyone. I've been dying to post to answer everyones wonderful points they are making. We have some astute people watching and it's great when I see that you "get" what they aren't making apparent.

    With regards to Joe, we are all right there with you and at the time, we didn't get it either. Maybe after Sun we can answer some questions.

    To make it easier I'm not going to quote but I will answer some questions and comments.

    Even though I grew up in Vegas I performed here for about 3 years then went on to travel the world in with different producers of different types of show, so my whole career hasn't been here in Vegas. It was always my home base, but I was always in and out. I consider myself blessed because I've worked with the best and been very diverse in the entertainment field. From lounges and clubs in the begining to singing and or dancing in major shows on the strip, impersonating (by the way, very lucretive for anyone interested in pursuing that) musicals, Miss America, hosting a local talent tv show, taking a year to do motivational speaking, which I've resumed here in Vegas schools, to doing back up for people and so on. I just love what I do and it doesn't matter the avenue.

    Yes, I was sick going int to the show's taping. Obviously with out schedule we had I never got a chance to quite get over it then developed bad sinus infection for which I went to the docter for during taping. A performer always wants to be at their best and feels like they did their audience an injustice if they couldn't give their A show. Of course with editing they made it look like I was constantly making excuses. Remember, not everything is as it seems.

    Yes, it's a crying shame they didn't feature the wonderfully talented individuals at their best because you, the audience, missed out. Even if they could have shown the audition tapes you would at least have seen everyone at their best and knew the reason each made it to that point. But alas....it was up to the powers that be.

    Yes, I agree about the age thing, but watch it buddy , just kidding. Age is a fact of life. I have no control. However, there is a big audience of people who are just as hip and have the money to spend that are dying for good music that they can listen to and sing along with. The best thing about working with teenagers is that they enjoy(to my suprise) my stuff as much as a 30 plus audience. If it's good, it's good. Why can't we break those unwritten rules?

    I'm not sure how it wasn't fair that I am from Vegas or how it gave me an unfair advantage. Remember Nathan's been here 6 or 7 years and Joe's been here 10 at least. I actually haven't lived and worked here for over 7 years.

    Anyway, I hope that answered some stuff. If I forgot anything I'd be happy to address them.

    Many Blessings to you all!


    for more info

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    the letter that you have written to all of us is a perfect example of why you should be THE ENTERTAINER...thanks for taking the time to respond to all of our silly speculations...for us its fun to second guess and try to figure out whats really going on.....i truly hope you won...i and many others will be sad if you didnt, thanks for making the show fun for all of us...
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    The Sexy Diva
    Thanks jaymes4u, your message makes it worth it all!

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    Go Get'm JJ. A lot of folks are pulling for you.

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    Thanks for posting Jenn. The show has been much more intersting because you and the other cast memebers have been posting.

    If you folks can answer some questions,
    one question I do have is how much give and take was there between you guys and the producers? Did the producers just pitch ideas to Wayne and he went along with it or was Wayne really involved in that process? I'm curious. Looking forward to Sunday.
    Good luck.

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    Jenn, I'm pulling for you too. You have been one of my favorites since the beginning. I know what it's like to try to sing with a sinus infection or other upper respiratory issues. When you should be giving it a rest, the show must go on and you do the best you can. You have done great and I love your choices of songs. I'd love to see you perform in person some day.
    Good luck!!!!

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