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Thread: 03/20 Episode 8 Recap ~ I Love The Smell Of Napalm In The Morning

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    Minnie36, I agree with your assessment of "Dave" vs Nathan. In addition, you may also recall prior to the "commercial" episode, in a reward dinner with Sarah, Theresa & Jen, Nathan was playing word games with the younger girls . . . vocalizing how hard it was in Vegas in order to psyche them out re their abilities & adequacies for future competitions (with background voice-overs of him acknowledging that was exactly his purpose in saying these, and Jen saying she saw his game). This action at the dinner which was shown to us in the audience, Nathan's attempted dirty trick in the "commercial" episode, and probably a few things we didn't see but which were reported to Wayne by his "eyes & ears" sidekicks led Wayne to remark, in kicking out Nathan, that "you're playing the angles and not relying on your talent to win this thing." Dave may not have done the most straight-forward thing in Episode 8 USO, but, knowing he may be risking his spot by "butting in" on Joe or Delisco, he sure relied on his talent and gave a great show to those troops!

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    in the contestents defense maybe they thought alls fair....based on survivor and other reality shows trickery is embraced as part of the game..who knew this show would be different...after all the eliminations were not being based on talent...

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    hey all delisco here....i just have to say that the uso episode was one of the most amazing experiences in my life...i am so humbled and i am changed forever to have looked into the eyes of those soldiers as we performed and saw the courage yet fear simultaneously of what is to come of their lives deployed in iraq...they were two weeks out at that point so they are probably there as i am writing this to you....no matter what our political beliefs are we cannot deny those brave young men and women for putting their lives on the line for us....i thought that all of the contestants did a bang up job considering being woken up at 4 am and driven to the desert to peform and sing under unfamiliar circumstances (we were there all day and into the night)...as a singer the desert is dry and not condusive to an ideal performance no matter how you look at it...i was proud to see sarah engage the audience and show some umph in her perfomance, i know alot agree...joe was awesome and i believe the crowd loved it....dave although he was selfish pulled it off and in the long run that's all that matters....jen what can i say...a pro....as for myself i am always extremely critical and it wasn't my best performance...but as we were signing autographs soldiers were crying because that may have been the last time (God forbid) that they will see anything like that in their lifetime and that to me is reality...

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