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Thread: 02/20 Episode 5 Recap ~ Commercialism At Its Best

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    Thanks again Rosekid! I love reading your recaps.

    My top four though has changed, I'm still seeing it as a showdown between Joe, Dave, Jennifer, and Delisco.

    At least how the commercials are suggesting, Sara will go home next. Well, not this March 6 episode, I think that will be a non-elimination round, but the week after, I say she goes. After that, Theresa, and after that, who knows.

    It's really tough watching Nathan and anybody else get cut from this point on. They are all really talented performers and it's a shame they can't have their own variety show together.

    Hey! I'm going to Vegas late March, I'll look and see who's playing then!

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    Hi there Rose!
    I don't have cable so I am unable to see this show (and believe it or not, I don't live in a cave). But I wanted to venture in here to see what you've been up to lately - dang, woman, you sure have a knack for recapping! Well done!
    I loved the part about Wayne's hair/your boss' combover. Too funny!

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