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Thread: Out-takes on E! On- Demand

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    Out-takes on E! On- Demand

    Interesing out-takes if you have E! On-Demand. 5-10 minute synopsis.
    Good stuff from Paul's episode.
    Forgot how annoying Marla really was.

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    Outtakes from ep 4, 5 and 6 are on E! On Demand at least here in the Boston area. The entire Episode 6 is also up and it hasn't even been aired yet.

    Ep 5 outtakes of Dave and Theresa's wedding night

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    Since some of us don't get that, how about providing a recap of what you saw? Please?

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    I'm no Roseskid but briefly:
    The outtakes from ep 5 actuall showed up on the beginning of ep 6 with Theresa in the hottub and Dave sitting in the chair talking.

    Part of it was shown at the beginning of last weeks episode.

    Ep 6 Outtakes focused on Wayne talking to the Scintas about what happened during that challenge.
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