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Thread: Did Theresa Try out for American Idol?

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    Did Theresa Try out for American Idol?

    If anyone is an American Idol fan as well, search back your memories of initial auditions last year. You know the first few auditions in each city where they generally only show the untalented people. I think I remember Theresa trying out last year, and she was horrible!! Does anyone else remember this?
    Maybe she just has a look-alike. Anyway, I didn't notice til the other night when her hair was in 2 braids. She wore her hair similar on the AI audition.

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    Actually, she just posted in the Theresa thread, so I'll pose the question to her in there. I'm an AI fan as well, but the only people I ever remember are the ones like William Hueng (sp?) and Scooter Girl.
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    Did The Temptress Try out for AI?

    It is great to here your comments, but no I did not try out for Aerican Idol. The two kids I babysit for Lexie and Micheal were begging me to try out for the last couple of years, but I didn't want to. I'm glad I didn't cause I'd rather have done this show. Working with Wayne Newton and having The Entertainer expereance has made me a not only a better performer but a better person overall. This show was a blessing. Talk to you soon. If you interested what I did audition for Celestecarm write me and I'll tell you.

    The race is on!!!!!!!!!!

    The race is on

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