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Thread: Joe Trammel, The Joker

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    Please keep this thread on the topic of Joe, and take everything else to the Show Discussion thread for the appropriate night.

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    [QUOTE=Rebecca F]Hey Iowagirl, I'm reposting a post I left on another board about this... I think to be appalled is a bit strong - just my humble opinion.

    Thanks for you POV. Joe is one of my favorites so I was really mad what Dave did even though it was a competition. But thanks for your input it's always good to see it from a different POV. Joe, I really hope you win! And even if you don't you are a great performer and I would come see your show anytime! Of course that is if I get the money to fly out of Iowa and come see you! The best of luck!

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    Joe, I was sad to see you go last night. I wish you had been in it until the end. I really enjoyed the little bit of your act that we got to see. I'll keep a look out for your show when I am in Vegas for a trade show in June. Do you have any dates booked between June 2nd and June 6th?

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    Hi Joe,

    Sorry that you were eliminated last night but as I said you handled it with a lot of class.
    Wayne looked like he was sad to let you go and you should be really proud of what he said.
    Good luck with your career. Hopefully I'll get to see you when I get out there this summer.


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    Rebecca F
    Your future is bright.... you certainly don't need me to tell you that!

    Sometimes even when you don't "WIN"...you've still won. I'd love to see your show if you're ever on the east coast!

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    Hey, haven't been here for a while, and I know that The Entertainer section will soon be gone, so I wanted to say a few more things before that happens. I went to The Entertainer finale party at the Hilton (you may have read about it in Norms column of the Las Vegas Review journal --it was also Wayne’s Birthday Sunday.) All of the E! Executives and important people were there including Mr. Newton and all of The Entertainer contestants, well... Except Paul for some reason. It was pretty fun! And Oh my god, if you only knew how many of these "important" people actually read all of these post, you would be surprised. I got to the point where I just started introducing myself as "JokersDaughter" from the forums, rather than Priscilla because I felt like they connected to me better, hehe. All of the Entertainers were thanking me for good things I wrote about them, and all of the compliments I wrote about them are more true than ever, as I see. They are all so down to earth, and Wayne... He is so warm and welcoming. He made me feel like I have been a part of his family since my birth, like he is second father!
    Delisco sang a really nice version of Happy Birthday to Wayne and we all watched the final episode together at the party. It was kind of sad to know that it's all over now. I'm going to miss looking forward to every Sunday watching the show with my Dad and Dave and everyone (our mini gatherings.) (sigh)
    But moving on, make sure everyone keeps there eyes and ears open to all of the gigs and such going on for The Entertainers.
    I know that my dad and Dave have been talking about possibly doing their own comedy show together in Vegas, so definitely check up about that if you happen to come to Vegas. That would be a good show, would you agree???
    Well I’m going to miss you all, and miss reading everyone’s opinions and inputs on the show and The Entertainers. Maybe we can all catch up with each other again for The Entertainer 2 forum (if the show happens.)
    It’s been fun!!!!!

    ~email me if you have any questions, or visit Joe's site

    SEE YA!!!

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    That for remembering us at the FORT.
    It's good to know that Joe and Dave are thinking about teaming up together. It's sure to be a winner!
    I'm sure some year (perhaps in retirement) I'll finally make it to Vegas. You'll find me in some local campground living full-time out of our RV!
    Good luck to your Dad, and the rest of the contestants.

    And Paul not showing up -- no real surprise there.

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    Guess success does that

    Too bad success has gone to your head. I guess you only reply to people who are in the entertainment business or more successful than you. Guess you can't be bothered with old classmates. That's too bad.

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