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Thread: Joe Trammel, The Joker

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    Inquiring minds want to know...... What happened to your nose? In several of the one on one interview spots you have a big scab or something on the top of your nose. I first noticed it around the episode you teamed with Paul at Excalibur. I thought maybe he got you with a prop sword or something, but I also noticed it last night in some interviews. It seems to be there sometimes and gone other times.

    By the way, loved your performance under pressure. Both in the Fremont episode and last night. Way to go!

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    For lasvegasfan, let's add another conspiracy!

    I bet Joe got his scab...
    from throwing Paul out of the suit.
    from stepping between a catfight of Sara and Theresa.
    from stepping between a catfight of Dave and Nathan.
    from Wayne Newton's Fight Club (first rule, joe...).
    from getting into a fight with an 86 year-old grandma of seven over who gets the last ticket to the Liberace museum.

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    Great job last night, Joe. I loved how you worked the "skipping of your music" into the act. I can't imagine what was going through your head at the time -- probably a lot of colorful language I'm sure.

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    Hey Joe!

    Hey Joe I have two things I would like to tell you. One, you are so funny! you crack me up b/c what you do is so orginal...I have never seen an act like yours. And my husband's grandma doesn't speak English but she was watching the show and she was cracking up at your stuff! Two, you did such a great job getting through all the things they were throwing at you! I think you had the hardest time b/c of how yours is set up. I mean your music was messed with but they didn't do that to the singers! You are great!

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    Empress NaBisco
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    I also was impressed at Joe's ability to "roll with the punches". At least now he can say that he'll never have a show worse than that one!

    I feel bad for Joe. Because of the nature of his act, all of the challenges seem even harder on him.

    I also think he's has some pure bad luck. He always seems to be on the losing team - and through no fault of his own. He always acts professionally, pulls his weight and has a great attitude. I think the luck of the draw teams him with others who are in over their head. I'm expecting that when determining a winner, Wayne will take into consideration how many challenges a contestant has won or lost - and that doesn't seem to be working out too well for our friend Joe.

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    The Joker
    Hey Board,
    Thanks again for the ''PROPS'' , I'm in a rush now and will explain the nose, funny story !!!! I will post tonight and tell you all about it, HA HA HA !!!!! JT

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    The Joker
    Ok, here is the nose story,
    When Paul and I went to Excalibur part of the challenge that night was to carry a 200 pound + armer beast across an entire stadium, needless to say the guys didn't help at all as they lay limp over our shoulder!!!! anyhow, I managed to make it all the way but after we got of the field, I proceed to let the gorilla down feet first ( as rehearsed) but he decides since he couldn't take me down on the field per his bet with his fellow workers, it was time to play dirty. The guy lifted his feet straight up in the air with my arms locked behind his legs so I couldn't break my fall and I go face first on the cement. I could hear my nose actually "crack" as I hit the pavement ( sorry dude) the guy says with obvious sarcasm, as blood drips down my face...... This would have been a great time to do my ''Gene Simmons'' bit, however I had a job to finish !!!! I wasn't about to let them get the best of me....besides ''THE SHOW MUST GO ON".
    hence Wayne's comment that episode ''are you ok????? Why it was not explained beats the hell outa me? I would love to see the footage of my trip to the hospital that night, I imagine it is pretty damn funny!!!! but not so funny to me that night.... I will say it was nice getting out of ''reality jail'' for a few hours!!!! LOL.... well thanks for indulging me and thanks for the concern..... JT

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    Hey, Joker . Wow, that's some story...I guess you're lucky you didn't knock any teeth out, huh? What a jerk. Know any attorneys who might like to keep him busy for a while?
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    Rebecca F
    Gotta love reality tv -- you're at the mercy of the editing! Thankfully you guys visit the boards to keep us updated at what REALLY is going on and what the back story is!

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    Thanks for the explanation, Joe. Gee, that really must have hurt! And it warranted a trip to the hospital!

    One question, even though you might not be able to answer it: I wonder if that guy who made you take that tumble is still working in Vegas, or did Wayne have him carted off to parts unknown with his tail tucked between his legs?

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