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Thread: Delisco, The Showstopper

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    I had an idea a singer would win. Delisco most def gave the best final performance. Good luck! And thanks for posting, always fun to have a contestant do that!!

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    Way to go Delisco

    Name: Delisco
    Resides: Woodside, New York
    Talent: Freestyle poet and musician
    Did You Know? Delisco gained his self-confidence from performing.[/QUOTE]

    I have seen Delisco perform twice in Seattle and Vegas and he is truly a showstopper and a sweetheart. Wayne was so right on with his choice.
    At the very end, Delisco, blew me away and in person, well, even better!!!.
    Delisco can sing, dance, he is a songwriter. He is truly a complete artist.
    The song for your grandmother is very touching and you sing it from the heart.
    Way to go baby. God Bless and good luck with your carrer.


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