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Thread: Theresa Bruneau, The Temptress

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    Empress NaBisco
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    Jan 2005
    Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, either.

    Life is really hard for people like us.

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    us oh no

    Kudos to Wayne Newton. Since I have been watching this show I must say that my respect for Wayne Newton grown incredibly. What an HONORABLE human being. Performing for "our boys and girls" is so SELFLESS and comendable. A true American Hero. Thank you Wayne on behalf of a citizen who feels the same appreciation for our armed forces. I just wish Theresa could have been there. Our boys would have gone crazy! Theresa like Delisco and Jennifer has a wonderful stage presence. I was very happy to see that Joe got to perform. How come Nathan got the boot but Dave was in the clear? Like winning the super bowl, again, and the world series wasn't enough.
    Congratulations to all on a great show.
    Theresa we the people miss you!

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    As a Vietnam-era Navy veteran who saw a USO gig aboard my ship, these shows have an impact that is unexplainable; the USO folks were uniformly complimentary and appreciative toward those of us in the service . . . those of you old enough to remember know that such a positive & supportive attitude toward men & women in the service was in stark contrast to the negatives we were increasingly experiencing back home . . . a situation which, to a lesser degree, is present today. Bravo to Wayne & those like him who give of their time to make this happen today; I'd shlep props or sweep the stage for free just to make these gigs happen. And, I couldn't agree more with the assessment that those soldiers would have gone absolutely gaga over Theresa . . . just observe the reaction to Sarah (young, girl-you-left-behind pretty, their presence reeks of HOME). Theresa has a bright future, and just needs some additional seasoning & focus to her craft to clear the next hurdle in her career. No doubt, her experience under Wayne's observant and helpful tutelage will greatly assist her in that effort.

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    Rebecca F
    Quote Originally Posted by eaglefan
    How come Nathan got the boot but Dave was in the clear?
    I think the difference between what Dave did, and what Nathan suggested is that Nathan suggested doing something unethical: cheating. Do something intentionally to prevent or hinder the other team from winning. What Dave did is different...that was more competitive. There was a decision to be made, no one clearly made it - so he went ahead. Granted, he did say he'd step aside to let someone else go, but no one appeared to really jump to the plate and say "ok, I'll do it"...so, he went ahead and did it. That's not cheating. I think he's made it quite clear that he wouldn't do anything unethical to win; and even though the show is a competition - they weren't performing AS a competition that day, they were just performing. That's what I think the difference is between Dave and Nathan's situations.

    Sorry Eaglefan - not to jump on you about it, but it's been asked a few times on the boards and I just thought I'd add my humble opinion to it all...

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    RebeccaF, I agree with your assessment of "Dave vs Nathan."

    In addition re Nathan, you may also recall prior to the "commercial" episode, in a reward dinner with Sarah, Theresa & Jen, Nathan was playing word games with the younger girls . . . vocalizing how hard it was in Vegas in order to psyche them out re their abilities & adequacies for future competitions (with background voice-overs of him acknowledging that was exactly his purpose in saying these, and Jen saying she saw his game).

    This action at the dinner which was shown to us in the audience, Nathan's attempted dirty trick in the "commercial" episode, and probably a few things we didn't see but which were reported to Wayne by his "eyes & ears" sidekicks led Wayne to remark, in kicking out Nathan, that "you're playing the angles and not relying on your talent to win this thing."

    Dave may not have done the most straight-forward thing in Episode 8 USO, but, knowing he may be risking his spot by "butting in" on Joe or Delisco, he sure relied on his talent and gave a great show to those troops!

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    Last episode was fantastic . Wayne is such a beautiful and wonderful person and to see how many smiles he gave was priceless. Good job everyone.

    Jens so awesome, talented, beautiful, and a gift to the world .

    I wanted to thank everyone for your support. To look up this site every week and see the comments and my numbers continue to climb, meant the world to me. I loved being apart of this show but, most of all I loved being in your living rooms and knowing that I brought some emotion :phhht to your soul.

    We all have so many dreams and desires and if my dreams can come true, so can all of yours. Eagel Fans quote "What ever you wish and hope for remember do it for the good of others and in return the best for you will happen" . With all my heart THANK YOU and GOD BLESS all of you, for you touched my soul .

    Follow the desires of your heart all your visions will come true.
    You can always contact me on my website www.theresabruneau.com
    Talk to you soon,

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