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Thread: Theresa Bruneau, The Temptress

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    [QUOTE=kimberlymuch]Theresa is honestly thee most talented and beautiful person i know. I am soooooo proud of you. You are a in every way! You were known at school as the beautiful girl with the best voice! and now look at you. Your accomplishing your dream!!! Not only are you talented but your an
    you are the sweetest, kindest and most caring person i know. i am soooooooooooooooooo lucky to have a friend like you!!!!!
    p.s. if all else fails we can be bellhops together. just kidding! when you come visit we can get free pudding samples at the store by school, yummy!


    I wrote you a cute message thee other day. Have you seen it ? Where did it go? If any one has seen it can you let me know.

    I'll write you another one if it's :stupid not found.
    Love you Kimmy, T

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    Once again, please keep conversations meant for one other person confined to our private messaging system, and NOT posted publicly. That would be the reason posts are being removed. It's all covered in our rules, which you all agreed to follow when you signed up. We don't bend them for contestants. Those rules also include things like over-use of smileys, you might find.

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    After looking at Theresa's website, I'd say don't worry about the outcome of the show. She has definately got a career as a model. Beautiful pictures, incredible (sorry) smile!

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    I see

    well I see some of you out there agree with me. I am eagerly anticipating this weeks show. Looks like some gang up drama between our love birds Joe and Sara versus Theresa. Go Theresa! I hope you wipe your tears with there pink slip. And I only got a glimpse of Theresa crying,but your even cute when you cry. Thats not fair!
    Good luck to everybody remaining. I hope these last shows show you all off.

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    As I have stated before... Can't anyone tell that Theresa is definitaly a "PLANT/MOLE" in this show... she is never let go even after she has had an eposide during each show.... its funny... i've noticed it from the time when she was the project leader and all she did was run in circles... i mean the tramp was running up the DOWN escalator when the one going up was right beside her. Then the next one... when shes like guys u didnt get the sign then she wanted someone to apologize to her...then she starts crying when she didnt feel led because no one was listening to her and she runs off right in mid sentence of the guy asking her to help him... SHES DEFINITALY STAGED THERE.... did anyone see her audition for the show? on COMCAST ONDEMAND she didnt audtion she got into some arguement...

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    Empress NaBisco
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    Hmmm... Interesting theory.

    I wish I could see these ONDEMAND out-takes every else seems to be able to get.

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    I don't know about being a plant, but Theresa definitely should have been gone early on.

    She comes across as a prima donna who's been allowed to skate by all of her life simply because she's beautiful and has a nice voice. I've yet to see her actually contribute anything to the weekly competitions, or to the show itself. When she feels like she isn't getting the level of attention that she's apparently used to, she has one of her little meltdowns. More so if any of her any of teammates have to nerve to challenge her attitude, not to mention questioning the air-head mistakes she makes frequently.

    Bottom line, the footage that's aired has shown her to be spoiled, self-centered, and utterly lacking in creativity. Dave Russo said, "If she was my girlfriend, I definitely would have broken up with her." He's right. It's time for Theresa and "The Entertainer" to agree to see other people.

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    The Joker
    Hi Theresa,
    I just wanted to wish you the best of luck!!!! All my friends had so much fun watching you.... your energy is boundless and it will take you far. To bad ''E!" didn't show some of the greater moments between us, we were all such good friends.... We got along fantastic! but they chose to show what little drama we had........ In the history of reality shows ''THE ENTERTAINER'' beats them all when it comes to living, loving, and laughing...... You were part of this magic and the show would not have been the same without you..... Keep that beautiful chin up..... keep rockin.... keep helping those less fortunate.... this is your gift!!!!!! God bless, -JT

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    Sad to see you go...

    I really grew to love you over the last weeks. You were a delight. A bit fruity at times, and highly charged emotionally, but a pleasure to watch. I will miss seeing you on the Entertainer, but look forward to your many successes in the future. Know you made a fan out of me!


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    wingless angel

    To all those who think Theresa is a self centered prima donna, please allow me to set the record straight. Theresa is a warrior of life and has faced and defeated: abuse, neglect, the foster system, and eating disorders. Not to mention she went through a period of hiding herself, making herself look unattractive (as if that were possible) because she made people around her uncomfortable from her natural, timeless, beauty (very Audrey Hepburn-like). There is a word for a "wingless angel" and it is Theresa. Heaven has blessed us with her presence. [mod edit] I wish the show the best of luck, for without its Star and we all know Theresa was the most entertaining on the show, it maybe hard to entertain.

    I do wish the best of luck to Jennifer, Delisco, and Dave
    Last edited by hepcat; 03-19-2005 at 12:13 AM. Reason: no baiting other posters, please.

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