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Thread: Theresa Bruneau, The Temptress

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    My Two Cents

    I agree that their talents need to be showcased a bit more. But, that's me wanting to be entertained. However, unlike AI, we are not judging the contestants, its all up to Wayne, and I guess Wayne sees Las Vegas as a business (The Entertainer-ment business), and he's got a different list of criteria than we do, i.e.; you must be able to successfully haul luggage, run a video camera and bathe a dog before you can headline in Vegas.

    I disagree that the comics have it easier than the singers. Did Joe know how to joust? Me thinkest NOT! (Was that medieval?) Did Dave know how to juggle or how to act like his head wasn't on fire? Nope. And Sarah, Jennifer Theresa and Delisco weren't called on to sing at all in that epsiode, at least I don't think they were, I was switching back and forth between the Superbowl and the show, so correct me if I'm wrong, on this point only (Hey, where in the world is Delisco? How come we haven't heard from him or a friend of him or mother or other sibling....anyone?)

    The first episode, their first chance to make a good impression, was all about the signing (songs they knew, btw) and Joe, Nathan, Marla and Dave were left to find ways to incorporate their talents in to that show somehow. And AND, not one singer has been booted yet, and don't say Paul was a singer, making noises with your mouth is not singing, if it was, I'd have a platinum album already, okay, Jacquie was a singer, but, I want to win this one so I'll conveniently ignore that fact (I lack Dave's integrity). So, as far as I'm concerned, its Even Steven on the difficulty level.

    Good vibes to everyone!
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    Empress NaBisco
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    I think some of the challenges are relevant, like the "You're on in Sixty Minutes" and "Dueling Lounge Acts". I missed the "lost" episode, but it sounded like it at least had something to do with entertaining people. I guess some could say this LV commercial episode tested their abilities to create a product within three hours, but I think that is a stretch.

    I'm glad that this isn't like the AI format, however. I like that this show calls on the contestant to deliver their best efforts under pressure, regardless if the task is singing (or whatever) or not. Performing live successfully demands so many skills in addition to talent. That said, it would be more entertaining to me if more of the challenges had to do with... entertaining !

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    I'm not sure if you remember me, but I was one of the interns at Veronica's Closet in the Spring 2000, Chris. I know it's been awhile, but I was happy to see you on the show. I was flipping through the channels a few weeks ago and I told my friends I knew you from somewhere. Then it came to me.... VC!!!! I knew you could sing, but I was really blown away. You sound and look great. I don't watch many reality TV shows, but now I have a reason to. So happy you are doing well.

    Drop a reply if you get the chance. I no longer live in LA, but will be moving back in April. I can't wait. All this cold weather in Pittsburgh, PA is driving me nuts. Take care and good luck!!!


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    Chris, :hiya nice to hear from you

    Hey flpanthers1,
    Veronica's Closet! What fun that show was. Can you believe it was 5 years ago. That's just crazy. What are you doing in PA? I was in NY the last two winters. It's sooooooo cooooold, I could not belive it. I am so happy to be back in L.A. Gowzers, It's good to hear from you. I took your advice and added some pix to my website theresabruneaucom tell me what you think? I Allways love input. Well tell me what you have been up to. It's great to chat with someone from the past. I'll talk to you soon.
    The Temptress,
    These are my favorite little guy's. Don't they make you smile?

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    I Love Theresa

    Theresa is honestly thee most talented and beautiful person i know. I am soooooo proud of you. You are a in every way! You were known at school as the beautiful girl with the best voice! and now look at you. Your accomplishing your dream!!! Not only are you talented but your an
    you are the sweetest, kindest and most caring person i know. i am soooooooooooooooooo lucky to have a friend like you!!!!!
    p.s. if all else fails we can be bellhops together. just kidding! when you come visit we can get free pudding samples at the store by school, yummy!

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    Hey Theresa,

    I sent you an email through your website rather than posting on here. Will explain what I have been doing for the past 5 years. haha. Missing decent wether right now. 8 inches of snow on the ground and more to come. Yippie!!!! I'll talk to you when you get a chance. Take care.


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    Rebecca F
    Hey Theresa,
    I just checked out your website - your portfolio pictures are beautiful. Especially the ones where you have on hardly any make up - very natural, "outdoorsy" types of shots. No matter what the outcome of the show is - you'll go far. You'll all probably go far - you're all so talented. But you just look like you belong on a television series of some sort!

    Just thought I'd tell ya!

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    Hi Theresa , you are such a doll (literally, I just wanna squeeze you like a my size barbie.) I love your voice, I could see you acting like a Marilyn Monroe type on stage! Good luck with your career and with the show!
    PS: Marilyn Monroe is practically my idol! So thats a compliment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglefan
    Yes you are correct Scott and Jim are working the set of Joey. Scott and I are also in a band together It's called T'S. Scott say's hi.
    Hey Theresa!

    I finally got that scanner working. Here's an old photo of me and Scott. I think the last time I ran into him was in Glendale at a Red Robin, where he was having lunch with his son. I can't believe that was 5 years ago!

    I checked out your website and it's looking good! I hope you get some band photos up there too...or do you have a separate website for the band?

    Still pulling for you on the show. The next episode looks interesting.


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    Scott's will love this!!!!!!

    That is so cool!!!!! I love the picture. I'm confused though what is your real name? I really remember you now from that picture. you with the dreads? Did you change your hair color? Scott is going to get a big smile on his face when I call him. Our band does'nt have a wed site yet. When we do I'll tell you. You are so cool !!!!! Talk to you soon, Temptress

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