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Thread: Theresa Bruneau, The Temptress

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    No,:oh no I'm not disguised as eagelfan. He is my friend though , He actually picked out my red dress for me. Egelfan made a reply on my computer without me realizing he didn't log out. I than made a reply back to malenkaya and it ended up under eaglefan. good jod Temptress clap I than couldn't remember my pass word(can you belive that) so I had to re sign up as "Temptress"' instead of "The Temptress". I'm back though and ready to talk. Did all of you like the show last night? with alot of this :deadhorse :deadhorse :deadhorse and a lot of : that. Some of this, and mostly that. Thanks once again for supporting the show. my applause goes to all of you. Thanks, The Temptress.

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    Rebecca F
    Last night was pretty funny, Mrs. Russo!

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    Last night was I*N*C*R*E*D*I*B*L*E.

    Sorry couldn't resist

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    Oh sure...LOVED the show, , loved it so much I wanted to kiss it , over and over and over and over and over again. It was very E*N*T*E*R*T*A*I*Ning (sorry lasvegasfan...now I couldn't resist)

    Everyone did a great job, as usual. You should all be commended for not only having great talent, but for being nice people.

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    Great kiss Theresa! You were beautiful and really got yourself into a much better position by the way you handled things. Congrats!

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    The Sexy Diva
    Hey this is Jennifer from the show. I was last logged on and posted under a friends name Jumpinjackflash and just figured out how to change it. (Yah, yah, I know, totally computer illiterate I am). I have to totally agree with everyone. Theresa was great. Last night was my favorite episode so far. I haven't laughed as hard as I did watching last night's episode in a long time. I'm glad they finally show how fun loving Theresa is and what wonderful talent she has. She a great girl and has a lot more to offer than they are showing! Go Girl!

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    okay, I'm a little confused. I finally have seen all the episodes thanks to my DVR. How does Nathan get voted off and Sara chosen to stay. You mean to tell me that singing a song and changing the money notes down an octave is better than Nathan's magic, or even Jacquie singing/playing an original heart fealt song. I'm sorry maybe Joe's love for Sara keeps her around or her midwest demographic. Either way she bores the heck out of me. Its called the entertainer not the 'I'm just here for you to look at my blonde hair-ner'. I'm sorry maybe this is a little rude, but I haven't seen Sara take any risks or push herself beyond any limits. Her and Joe have just been gliding through this competition. Doing what is expected and nothing more. Nathan, even as a bell hop entertained the little girl with his bunny trick. And THERESA has had to face the biggest challenges of all: being a 110lb bell hop, trying to organize a complete wedding in 3 hours, working with Nathan and Dave as the only girl, and not to mention being the star of the show. I am excited to see who wins I think there are some incredible talents still remaining. Good luck to Jennifer, Delisco, Theresa, and Dave the entertainers of the entertainer. Thanks for letting me blow some steam.

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    I find Sarah to be more entertaining than Nathan. He is, granted a nice guy, except for that dirty pool bit, but is not overly dynamic in his screen presence. Don't lose sight of what the real goal for this show is... ratings. To pay out a million they need to make some serious cash, Sarah will keep me watching more than Nathan would. Nobody said it was gonna be fair. Furthermore: we have yet to see them really perform head to head. I could not make a good judgement on the singers yet, as we have had limited exposure. What we have been offered thus far is a song selection dictated by the production team. Sarah is a Country singer, Delisco seems soulful and Jenn is a power blues/jazz singer. The comics and magicians aren't asked to stretch. They are allowed to do material that they have had their whole career to learn. The vocalists must learn a song/style on the fly. See the difference? I think that would be much more of a challenge.

    *The only reason I didn't mention Theresa is that I haven't figured out what her particular vocal forte' is. Not a criticism of her, but of the show itself.
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    Fenja, I agree with your assessment. The thing I find so frustrating about this show, is I think these people are very talented, but TPTB (the powers that be) have decided not to follow an American Idol premise, but have decided to copy The Apprentice format. This makes no sense to me, as I've stated before. Having entertainers be bellhops and arrange renewal of vows seems idiotic to me. It's like Trump having his apprentices sing and dance for him. I would love to see more of what these peoples' talents really are...Wayne, please let them entertain us.

    Eaglefan, I agree with you, too, regarding the comics being able to use their familiar shticks, while the singers are forced to learn new songs and sing along with new bands. None of this makes any sense to me at all.
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    Is the Hilton paying the million or is E!( my guess is a combination).
    The ultimate goal is to sell advertisiing and the Hilton is getting a lot of free press.
    I've also noticed that many hotels are being used for the activities not just the Hilton.
    But I agree that they should at least split the show with some more performances from the cast.

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