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Thread: Support the ECO teams!

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    Some interesting "words of encouragement" posted for them so far:

    Hey Hard Lucky, Keep goin strong-we're proud as hell. Are you sure they didn't switch babies at the hospital because I sure can't imagine myself in your place. Having fun yet? You're doing great, all of you! Jenna--stay warm! Tim no pain, no gain (repeat the 'knees are great' mantra)! Ethan-play to win! Adam-I love you!

    Ethan and Jenna, Listen...last place isn't half bad, take it from us!Love,
    Sonja, Debb, Diane, Peter & John

    Hey Tim, I don't mean to HASSLE you, cause I know you are busy and all but could you please return the hair clippers you borrowed last year. It's time to give puchez a haircut again. Thanks.
    Davey Bones

    Hey Ethan and Jenna, Just wanted to say Hi and let you know that I am pulling for you. Keep going, don't give up just one step at a time. When you get back many many beers. I saw Mitchell this weekend in NY we had dinner and a few drinks he sends his support and wants you guys to know that he peeed and pooped in his pants a little. Rob Mariano
    Rob Mariano

    Yeah Ethan and Jenna!!! Hang in there guys and don't let us down! Remember, you're representing all of us 15-minute celebrity, reality low-lifes and we're counting on y'all to bring our stock up ;^D It's not too late to pull a sneak-attack, come up from the rear, sleeper move. Way to KICK ASS! Get back here in one piece so we can all get liquored and celebrate. Love you guys...

    Dear Team HAS BEEN! Mitchell here, from the Survivor that people actually watched. Amber told me I could write and encourage your team...so I thought I would write to DIScourage. I'm just joshin ya! JENNA: I spent all day yesterday with Boston Rob, and he wanted me to tell you, "ya booze ya lose, whatevah." Just like that. And ETHAN: How's your hair holding up to the FIGI conditions? Has Mark pulled you two aside for Tribal Councils against Kellys Team...is Kelly still in it? What happened? Did the tribe speak? Does Jeff Probst heckle you from the bushes and scream things like, "Your Torches are lookin mighty dim." ?? I bet he does. Do you chit-chat with fellow has-beens at check points? I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE DOING THIS!!! HURRY UP AND COME HOME!!! Is Kel there? Did you know he's an intelligence officer? Well, he is. I must say...if it were me, and I was there, I would spend each and every day huddled up in a ball, rocking back and forth, and mumbling..."please kill me, someone please kill me." And I would DEMAND pop-tarts at every check point, and when helpers would hand me a glass of water I would say, this better be vodka asshole! Not unlike my Australia experience. I LOVE YOU GUYS, I hope you're laughing right now!PS...who's the brain power behind TEAM MAD RIVER? How bout BAD LIVER? That would be Robs team name. Call me the SECOND you win!! My best...
    Mitchell (last name: Damn, you're tall)

    hey guys its amber! i've been checking in everyday to see how you guys are doing. keep up the hard work! i know you guys can do it! jenna...i talked to mitchell last night and i told him about the site. i told him you guys were still in the race! he was drunk and laughing at the time...of course remember with any struggle along the way...keep thinking 'this too shall pass!!'

    Dear Team Mad River,Best of luck to you! Our Internet community is following your adventure and wishes you great success! Take care, we know you can do it!
    Fans of Reality TV (the FORT)

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    OMG! Mitchell's words of DIScouragement have me in stitches.
    It's good to see they have the support of their fellow Survivorites.

    Thanks for posting them John. I really enjoyed them, especially that last one. That was is the best one.

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