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Thread: CM Fans: Did you notice?

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    CM Fans: Did you notice?

    That Eco-Challenge: Fiji used some of the same musical scores used in Combat Missions?

    I think I mentioned that in Eco:NZ too. But it was more obvious this time.

    I guess since they are both Mark Burnett productions aired on USA networks it makes sense.

    Specific example:
    When Tim Beggy got his raft stuck on that rock, that funny little music was the same used during and after the Charlie squad "show".

    There were 2 or 3 other times I noticed it too.

    I watched Eco again last night with Mr. Bravo since he hadn't seen it and I rushed through it to do the recaps, so I wanted to watch it again for enjoyment.
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    I remember the Charlie music pretty well, but I didn't notice it when Beggy got his raft stuck. Nice catch, Bravo! You a CM fan or something?

    I just finished watching Eco-Challenge last night. Great show.
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