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Thread: Eco-Challenge (Part 3)

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    Eco-Challenge (Part 3)

    Due to an unfortunate weather-related technical difficulty, I was unable to see Part 3 of Eco-Challenge.

    For those of you who missed it (including me!), I have posted the recap from this episode from the official Eco-Fiji page from USAnetworks.com.

    As dawn breaks on Day 3 of the race, the jungle is wreaking havoc on the racers. Team GoLite's hopes are resting squarely on the shoulders of the navigation skills of Ian Adamson, while the Kiwis have been stopped cold by the affects of a mysterious jungle virus on Kristina Strode. Team Earthlink must also contend with the effects of the virus on one of their own teammates - and, for the first time, Issac Wilson begins to have doubts about his team's ability to finish. Meanwhile, Hayden Christensen and the rest of Team Kodak struggle on in their battle of attrition, while the reality stars of Team Mad River also continue to battle their way through the jungle.


    90 miles into the race, the surprising rookie South African team is still in first place as they reach the kayak pick-up. Team GoLite is still in hot pursuit, but they lose valuable time at the kayak put-in when one team member must backtrack to retrieve his life vest, a mandatory piece of equipment for this part of the race. Team Earthlink, having already dealt with obstacles including a four-hour navigation mistake and a blown tire, have a new problem to overcome: Mike Trisler, added to the team this year for his physical prowess, has fallen ill with the same virus that has halted the Kiwis. Now they are faced with a choice: stop to let Mike rest before the kayak leg and lose valuable time, or push on and risk Mike's condition getting even worse?


    Team Mad River is now 50 miles behind the leaders and hopelessly lost in the jungle. Their plight takes its greatest toll on Jenna Lewis, who is adamant about trying to get back to the last checkpoint and then starting forward again. She later sits down and stubbornly refuses to descend a steep waterfall.

    The military-style Team Lupus is also lost in the jungle, and the iron-fisted leadership of Scott Wilk continues to fracture the team's unity. His latest target is Maurice Nelson, whose passive-aggressive response to Scott's constant pressure is to continuously find the hardest way possible to overcome every obstacle in an attempt to prove his strength and worth.


    The Brazilians arrive at the kayak pick-up still in contention. However, their transition has to be quick: if they don't get their boats on the water by 4PM, they will be forced to wait out a mandatory cutoff time and will not be able to move on until daybreak - more than 12 hours away. The one-mile trek from the pick-up to the put-in with their boats is especially hard on the mostly-female team, and the clock is ticking as they reach the water's edge and inflate their boats. With a mere 28 seconds to go, they succeed in beating the cutoff time and getting underway. But their insistence on constantly pushing ahead may be beginning to take its toll: Nora Audra's arm has begun to go numb, a sign that she may be developing an infection after not seeking attention for the finger she cut back on Day 1.


    Still in pursuit of the leaders, Team Earthlink has decided to press on, but Mike Trisler's condition is getting no better, and he is barely able to paddle his kayak as he continues to get sick over and over again. But when his team begins to come dangerously close to not making a time cutoff that will halt their progress for the night, Mike digs deep and paddles hard so that his team will make it.

    Meanwhile, the condition of the Kiwis' Kristina Strode also continues to get worse, so the team seeks refuge in a native village and finds a place where Kristina (as well as the rest of her teammates) can get some sleep. And the virus soon claims a victim on Team Lupus, as the once gung-ho Maurice begins to get dizzy, stagger, and finally, to throw up. But Scott has no patience for such delays, and he continues to push his team forward.


    On Team Mad River, the men have finally gotten Jenna to climb down the waterfall, but injuries are beginning to take their toll on the team as Jenna's ankle continues to hurt and Tim's knees begin to ache from climbing over so many rocks. Meanwhile, Team Kodak finds a native guide to help them get through the jungle, but Hayden and his teammates are beyond exhausted and can do little more than try to block it all out as they push on.

    Team GO has been wandering in circles in the jungle for hours, allowing last place Team Kodak to catch up with them. Trying to take advantage of Team Kodak's guide, and clinging to hopes of not finishing last for the second straight year, GO struggles to keep up with Team Kodak's pace. But even with a native guide, progress is slow - and now that they are following a guide, neither team bothers to consult their map. It's not long before both teams have no idea where they are, and if they don't make the next checkpoint before the cutoff time, both will be eliminated from the race.

    DAY 4

    As Day 4 dawns, Team Earthlink has completed the river kayaking leg, but are finally forced to stop in a village and rest in order to give Mike time to recover. Robyn's motherly instincts come out as she helps nurse Mike back to health - but she is also aware that her team is now 13 hours behind the leaders.

    Team Mad River finally emerges from the jungle, 70 miles behind the lead teams and now with cutoff times of their own to worry about. With only 22 hours to complete the bike leg or be disqualified from the race, they have little time to rest at the bike transition. Team Kodak also finally makes it out of the jungle, as does the trailing Team GO. Each team now has only 20 hours to make it through the bike leg - a leg that the fastest teams needed 16 hours to complete.

    Already out on the bike leg, the Playboy bunnies of Team Smirnoff Ice are plagued by mechanical problems, and things get even worse when Kalin Olsen's bike slides from under her on the muddy road, causing her to land squarely on her head with a sickening crack. Will she be able to continue?


    Back at the front of the pack, the South Africans have retained their hold on the lead as they reach a fixed ropes course that will have them scaling a spectacular 1,000-foot high waterfall. Team GoLite is still five hours behind the South African team when they reach the waterfall, but Ian is not worried: his team overcame an eight-hour difference the year before, and he knows how quickly things can change. In an attempt to help them close the gap, he decides to take a risky navigational shortcut: rather than endure a three-mile swim, his decides his team will make their way through another section of thick, virtually impenetrable jungle instead. Will his gamble pay off, or will his team get stuck or lost in the jungle and lose even more valuable time?

    Read the summary of The Finale now!
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