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Thread: Eco-Challenge Day Four Discussion (SPOILERS!)

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    I missed the first 40 minutes of the first hour, so Lupus crashed huh? Maybe that will teach them about teamwork next time. What happened to Team Kodak? When did they drop out and why? It does sound like team Mad River will return, Ethan included. THats goog for Fluff Can't wait to see the Brazilian girls finally finish in the top 5. And how bout them South Africans... finished 4th!!!!!
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    Team Kodak dropped out before team Mad River because they were so far behind that they would not be able to make the next check point. They were at the half-way point of the course. You could tell Skywalker (Hayden) was totally beat, but they beat a lot of other teams. That was an accomplishment.

    The same thing happened to Mad River but they were a few hours ahead of Team Kodak. I'm excited that Ethan will be back for the next eco-challenge. Hopefully, he'll be back with a vengeance and finish the race next time.

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    Just finished watching the show last night. Ian's final mistake was a pretty big one, but it didn't appear to cost them the race. They finished a good 6 hours behind the Kiwis, I think. The Kiwis were terrific. Can't believe they could sit out for basically an entire day and still win. Bdawg, you had it right when you said how amazing it is to see the Kiwi woman and Mike from Earthlink rally and continue the race. I find that truly unbelievable!

    I was so excited when Ian's "bush-whacking" job worked out so well for them. What a gutsy move, and it sure paid off because he's a great navigator. I was really pulling for his team, but they just made too many mistakes this time.

    I was heartbroken for Team Buff, too. They still had quite a ways to go, but they had a HUGE lead. It's terrible that they had to pull out.

    That Playmate's deterioration was scary. That literally looked like a life-and-death situation. Thank goodness they were able to revive her.

    And Nora, too. If Shubi hadn't called off their attempt, I probably would have kicked in my television. Nora was delirious at that point. They shouldn't even have been asking her opinion. I'm glad they did the right thing.

    Every one of these guys really impresses me. They are incredible athletes and strong-minded individuals, to boot. I'm amazed at what they do, especially the top teams, who are always out in front and within a few hours of one another.

    One question. How does one go about training for something like this? There are so many disciplines. It seems like it would be difficult to prepare yourself adequately for an Eco-Challenge. What do you think?
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    I've wondered that too Paulie (about the training).

    Maybe I'll try to track down a contact for one of the teams and see if they'd be willing to do an interview. Earthlink usually seems pretty media friendly and did a chat last year.

    Mr. Bravo and I have both said if we don't end up having kids we are going to volunteer for the Eco one year. The volunteers don't have to race the race, but have to pay their way and camp out in some funky remote locations for CPs. I think it would be fun.
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