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Thread: Team Lupus Foundation - USA

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    No, I'm not Scott Wilk,just someone who knows quite a few people who do adventure and ultra races. Adventure racing is not only about pushing yourself physically and mentally, but also about motivation and teamwork. It's also a lot of luck, not making navigational mistakes, and being lucky enough to remain injury free. Put anyone in a situation where they are sleep depived, hungry,dehydrated,injured, and frustrated, and they will take their frustrations out on the one who is urging them on. It's simple psychology.

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    That's true, and this was a rookie team, so I can see how this could happen. One of the guys from Team Earthlink lost his temper at one point and he did say that he shouldn've have wasted his energy getting mad. The good thing is he realized his "rookie" mistake, and continued on with a good strong race.

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