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Thread: Bridget Carrington - Duet Partner

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    Bridget Carrington - Duet Partner

    Partnered with: Jon Legend

    Growing up in a small country town in Virgina, Bridget Carrington first discovered her love for music while singing gospel songs in church as a young child. There she formed her group, Perry and the Angels, with her two sisters and father. Now all grown up, Carrington works in the finance department for the city of Richmond and on weekends is busy performing with her new band, Horizon. Carrington feels truly blessed to sing with John Legend on “Duets.”

    Bridget Carrington Bio - Duets - ABC.com

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    Re: Bridget Carrington - Duet Partner

    She surprised me as well. Did not think she would sing the way she did after singing gospel songs in church.

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