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Thread: Jason Farol - Duet Partner

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    Jason Farol - Duet Partner

    Partnered with: Kelly Clarkson

    Born and raised in Torrance, CA, Jason Farolís lifelong dream to be a professional singer has been on hold in order because of his parentsí expectations for his higher education. Farolís love of singing stems from his fatherís jazz and blues background, finding inspiration from the likes of Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles. He has since fused his sound with R&B, finding his own soulful, unique voice. Determined to be happy and make his parents proud, Farol is ready to showcase his talents as the singer he was meant to be.

    Inspired by Kelly Carksonís journey to superstardom and in awe of her continued humility, Farol has finally found the courage to break out of his shell, confident their voices together will be unstoppable.

    Jason Farol Bio - Duets - ABC.com
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    Re: Jason Farol - Duet Partner

    I thought Jason's performance was really good on the 2nd week. He seemed more relaxed and I think he has a great voice. He was still criticized for clutching on too tight to Kelly, but I thought John Legend made the most remarks about it and I disagreed with him. I hope he improves more each week. Love how his family and friends are always there for him.

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    Re: Jason Farol - Duet Partner

    I think he's such a nice guy, I am just not sure he has the voice to go all the way .Against John G? hmm not sure
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