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Thread: Olivia Chisholm - Duet Partner

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    Olivia Chisholm - Duet Partner

    Partnered with: Robin Thicke

    Olivia Chisholm’s musical background began in the 5th grade when she learned how to play the flute. The Charlotte, North Carolina native continued to expand her musical horizons by studying the piano, violin and guitar. Always aware that education came first, Chisholm wanted to get her college degree before seeking out a singing career, so now, a recent graduate at the age of 21, she is ready to embark on a career in music.

    Olivia Chisholm Bio - Duets - ABC.com
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    Re: Olivia Chisholm - Duet Partner

    She did not impress me this week - 2nd week. She only had a few lyrics to remember and had a hard time with them. Also, did not think her voice blended well with Robin. I liked her performance better the first week.

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    Re: Olivia Chisholm - Duet Partner

    I am not a fan of hers.
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