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Thread: new season!!!

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    new season!!!

    The new seasonstarts on the 21st of March!! Anyone out here watching??? Looks like a great set up of shows!

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    can't wait for new season!

    I myself cannot wait for the new season. I love this show because these people are genuine. Even though they are all bad asses this isn't the way they are trying to come across. They believe in tough love and that is what most of the people they are trying to capture need. You can bet I will be glued to my tv Tuesday night.

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    Welcome to FORT you two!

    Tonight's season opener was the best episode ever, bra! My only criticism is that it was 100% obvious to me that the coach was lying. I was really surprised that Dog's crew didn't pick up on that.

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    New season episode

    What I also didn't like on the first episode this season was for the first time Dog & his crew didn't really seem to have a lot of control on this hunt. When they got to the football field they definitely were not in control of that situation. He didn't seem to phase those guys at all even the team owner.

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    I really enjoyed the premiere. But what I'm curious about is what they were doing for the first 117 days of the extension. It seemed like it all came right down to the wire, and I don't get the feeling they were trying TOO hard until those last 3 days.

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    Thanks for the welcome!

    Thanks Qboots!! I am so in awe of this show and the example these people try to set. I love how they are "regular" people, who smoke, eat fast food, swear, act goofy but above all that - they love each other and support each other so well. It's admirable.

    On another note, I do think that Leland thought something was fishy with the coach though. Did you see the way he was eyeing him as he talked to Dog? HYe actually looked him up and down as if to say "what's you REAL story bra? lol
    To live a day in the life of...
    until we meet again next Tuesday...

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    dam...why leland gotta live so far from me?

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    leland is adorable.. has two kids.. dakota and cobie... he is divorced though... especially because in an episode he has no valentine..

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    English Nats

    sexy lelend

    Quote Originally Posted by bay510;1992381;
    leland is adorable.. has two kids.. dakota and cobie... he is divorced though... especially because in an episode he has no valentine..

    In England we have not seen that episode yet, when did it air?
    Ah bless him having no valentine, i would love to be his valentine!!

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    Is it true that Dog plans on hunting down Winona Ryder? A friend sent me a link to dailydingo.com which, a few articles back, shows that he is hunting her down.

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