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Thread: Dog the Bounty Hunter: 11/9 Recap - "Tears of a Dog"

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    Tons of great lines in this! I tried to limit it to a few:

    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    Its been a tough week. Im tired. Im weary. I have a runner in my nylons. Err, ummI tore my favorite pair of Z Cavariccis.

    Were in Denver. Well Im not, but Dog is and since Im a huge fan I like to consider myself a part of the team. So yeah, like I was saying, were in Denver.

    Nobody, not even Pat Benetar, can pull off her outfit of the day.

    Composure people. Youre about to nab a nasty skank whos on the lam.

    Now, you can swear on a lot of things- your dog, your scab collection, your frilly maids outfit that you keep for special occasions- but when you swear on your momma, you just know hes going to follow through.
    Thanks for the laugh, Speedy. I'm really enjoying watching this show through your eyes.
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    What happens when you put Dog , Don Ho, Pat Benetar and Reo Speedwagon in a room together ? Don't want to think about it , but they were great sharing the recap . Funny stuff Speed !.

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    the dog

    I just started to watch the show and I am hooked. They all seem to love each other and care for each other. The show I saw last night made it look like Justin babysits the Dog's kids while they are out hunting. (Justin is easy on the eyes!)

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    Wow great recap!! I saw that one a couple weeks ago! You did a great job!
    My schoolboy crush on Beth reawakens at the first sight of her. My breathing becomes shallow, my pulse quickens, my knees give way. Nobody, not even Pat Benetar, can pull off her outfit of the day. A spray painted on red halter top, a ragged and purposely ripped black over-shirt delicately covering her soft and milky skin. Skintight leggings, Motley Crue era boots and newly frosted hair round out this angel sent from above. *vacuums drool from chin*

    I'm sorta obsessed with her too..if I was a male..omg lol

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