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Thread: Justin Bihag

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    Justin Bihag


    Justin Bihag, age 21, is Dog's nephew and the most recent addition to the Dog team. Justin's dream is to one day join the NBA, and has a 45-inch vertical leap.

    In 2001 in high school, he led his basketball team to the Hawaiian State Championships. Justin has also trained as a boxer, and learned to play the ukelele from Hawaii's famous Israel Kanakavaole.

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    Does anyone know why....

    he had to be "jumped in" to be trained? I watched when Duane Jr. came back to be a bounty hunter, and they poked fun at him buying him the little "Bounty Bag" but they didnt jump him in like they did Justin. Im thinking, maybe they didnt jump Duane Jr., was because he was already a Bounty Hunter, but took a 5 year hiatus or whatever to do what he wanted.

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    What happened to Justin? Why is he no longer on the show?

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    Leland has come a long way......And yes loves his father very much.....Leland is 29yrs old...Leland keep up the awsome work...I pray for you and your family to always be careful when catching bad guys and girls.....Peace my friends...

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    justin is kute too

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    Where did he go?

    Does anyne know what happened to Justin - he was a great character - had me laughing a lot - I remember him having a big arguement with Beth - but i thought everyhing was resolved. It is the only reason I can think of for why he left - that behind the scenes his bad relationship with Beth led t him leaving.

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    First of all Justin Bihag or whatever his name is does not have a 45 inch vertical, a jump shot, nor can he play defense. I laughed when i saw this guy on the court cause he didnt do that tatoo of jordan justice. He avereaged maybe 10 a game when he was the tallest guy on the court. horrible. and for dog to put him on the show, he couldnt even fill out the girls small under armour shirt they gave him. they probably booted his ass after all the joke mail A&E got from people who actually knew this fool. it's a shame but true.

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    Last Night's Show

    Does anyone know who that guy was in the car with them (Not Sonny) last night? They were on the big island looking for one of Leland's guys. He had short gray hair and a little too clean cut to be a Chapman. Although, Duane Lee is pretty straight laced looking.

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