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Thread: Leland Chapman

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    All I know is that I just started watching "DOG" and MAN O MAN is Leland hella hot!!!! His body, tattoos, hair, skin, everything just sexy about him!!! I'm always looking to see if the show is on or not. I really enjoy the show, not just of Leland, but the whole Bounty Hunting thing. Great respect for all of them!!!

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    A&E Biography Club....

    Check out A&E Biography Club to read an updated bio of Leland. It states he is a single father of 2!!!

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    Too all Leland fans

    This is for all you major Leland Fans I think this was just posted in A&E's Biography Club (You have to sign up for it.)

    Leland Chapman grossly underestimated the power of television. The bail bondsman/bounty hunter/reality TV personality thought he had a bright idea when Dog the Bounty Hunter began production in February 2004.

    “When we started, I would wear a T-shirt with my phone number across the back,” says Leland, the 28-year-old son of famed manhunter Duane “Dog” Chapman. “I thought, you know, a little advertising. Maybe it’ll bring in some bail bonds business.” Sure enough, after Dog premiered on A&E in August ’04, there were plenty of calls. In fact, “the phones were ringing off the hook, but it was mostly fans calling for the show,” Leland says. “Now I’m thinking maybe it wasn’t such a good idea.”

    Leland’s blend of naïveté and toughness makes him something of a viewer favorite, particularly with the show’s female fans. After two seasons on TV, Leland confesses he’s still a little camera shy. The show’s success has made Dog and his family of bounty hunters more famous than ever in their home state of Hawaii. Sometimes the reputation boost is beneficial, Leland says. Other times, not so much. “We’ve called defendants and said, ‘Yo, you’d better turn yourself in or my dad and I are coming to get you.’ And since they know the show, they’re like, ‘Oh, no, please don’t do that,’ and they’re in my office the next day by eight o’clock. But there are other times when you’re trying to sneak up on somebody, be a little covert, and people are coming up for autographs. How can you sneak up on somebody like that?”

    But Leland, a single father of two, has no real complaints because he’s grateful for the life he has. As a teenager, he was heading in the wrong direction, involved in gangs and crime, until his father—a former convict who reformed his life—tough-loved Leland back to the straight and narrow. “If it weren’t for my dad, I would definitely be in prison or I would definitely be dead,” Leland says. “Today, he’s more to me than just my dad: He’s my friend and my brother. I can tell him anything. And I would like for my kids to look at me one day the way I look at him.”

    Hope this helps answer all your questions about him being single or not.

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    Thanks Leland fan, i had been left very confused about Leland's married status by all the conflicting messages on other sites. Now i can dream all night long without a thought for his wife.

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    Any hardcore Leland fans should check out the message groups at Yahoo. There is one message board named 'LelandChapman' and it has over 750 members registered. It can be quite entertaining!!

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    About Leland

    First off, Leland is almost 29....He's no longer married his Divorce was finalized in May.
    His first gig with dog was when he was 11, And he became part of the team when he was 18, after getting into legal trouble and moving in with dog.
    His 2 sons Dakota and Cobbie are awsome kids. Dakota is 10 and Cobbie is 7.
    Leland is also a kickboxer, not just Extreme Fighter and boxer......But his kids come before his hobbies. Leland also take's his kids to every match incase he gets hurt.

    Leland only has respect for dog because Dog helped him through the legal trouble. Leland hated dog until after he was 11, thats when dog got released from prison and decided to get involved with his kids.

    As for Lelands birthday, yes it is January 6th. 1977

    I know all this because i am a close personal friend of Leland and his younger sister "Baby Lisa"

    If you need anyother questions answered post them. I'll tell you all the truth.


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    It must be neat to know Leland Chapman . I thought his half sister name was Baby Lyssa not Lisa. Also I was wondering how his son cobie could be seven years old ,when they showed his son last year on the show and he Look about three possibly 4.

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